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  • Vtctgirl88 By  Vtctgirl88    

    e.l.f liquid eye liner

    I like this eye liner. It is very pigmented and once it dries down it has staying power. It does however take a while to dry down.

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  • JarilinaAyala By  JarilinaAyala    

    Good and cheap

    Can be messy but, good for practicing with eyeliner if you are new to liquid.

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  • Annelieseml By  Annelieseml    

    I love e.l.f. This liner had been the easiest one in liquid form for me to use. It goes on so smooth and lasts the whole night through.

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  • VeraFuller By  VeraFuller    

    Worth it

    I love how pigmented it is. For the price it is well worth it!

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  • YKamil By  YKamil    


    Pretty nice product though It can get kind of messy and it's sometimes quite complicated to use

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  • haleyfoxblog By  haleyfoxblog    

    My go-to Eyeliner

    As the Founder of a Beauty / Fashion Blog I get to review products on a daily basis. This is one of my favorites and one I use weekly for new Makeup tutorials and blog posts. Totally love this Eyeliner!

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  • Haleyreviews77 By  Haleyreviews77    

    Very pigmented at a good price. Easy to apply, doesn?t dry up. Love this eyeliner

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Not only is this Elf eyeliner affordable, like $1-$2, the eyeliner goes on smooth and silk. This is my go to now. I don?t bother with any others!

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  • egottlieb15 By  egottlieb15    

    Stamp away

    This product takes way to long to dry. If you have the time to let it dry it is a great color and can allow for a very straight line.

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  • UrbanAuthor By  UrbanAuthor    


    e.l.f liquid eyeliner is pretty good. My first time trying time was just recently. I spotted it out in our local Dollar Tree. I've always loved e.l.f products and have a collection of them. Pretty good for drawing a winged eye and last for hours. There's not a lot in the bottle though. I would recommend this product.

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  • Momof3801 By  Momof3801    

    Great Product for a Great Price

    One of my Fav eye liners. It really sticks out the only bad thing about it is how it smears very easily hopefully they can come up with waterproof one. great brand for a great price

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  • lcarr0369 By  lcarr0369    

    My favorite!

    I've been using this liner since i started with makeup. Throughout trying tons of others this one has stayed my #1, I can create my perfect cat eye and it stays on all day!

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  • mmyuh_ By  mmyuh_    

    Worth the price

    supper affordable, lasts long, goes on dark and sharp. I love it. Definitely compares to high end products.

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  • Gabriela4 By  Gabriela4    

    The application is good but isn?t waterproof and gets rid easily

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  • TrishDales81 By  TrishDales81    


    This is a decent and affordable eyeliner. Doesn't wear all the long but it's pretty decent. I love elf products.

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