Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

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Much better than any other gaming system. I have yet to buy the 4th one because this one just works so well.

I love my ps3. They make some cool games.

Although I like to play Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 is fun also!

The PS3 is the best gaming system we've owned to date. We have so many games for it and though I do not play the games myself, I love watching my fiance play them. We use it for movies alot too (it can play DVDs and BluRays). Instead of having two BluRay players (one for the bedroom and one for the living room) we use the PS3 primarily in one room and a BluRay player in the other. We love this consol!

My husband loves it, he could play for hours if he could :)

I have been a huge gamer for a while now and this was one of the best systems that Ps came out with but After having the Ps for a little bit you notice problems with their blue-ray player and the ability to play the movies. Another thing I hate is the fact you have to update every time you turn the blasted thing on. I have recently moved over to the Xbox 360 and I love it although it doesn't have the blue-ray it is still pretty sweet.

I absolutely love my ps3. The Bly Ray player is why I got it but it's my favorite system

This gaming system is my husband's life!! I just like to use it for netflix and hulu, other than that, it's awesome for an adult pacifier for my spouse!

I have 2 of these my husband and sons use this everyday to play videos and movies they are in love with the play station 3 they are fans true fans they are hooked up to the website everything game stop all the networks true fans

There are so many things to love about the PS3. From the free access to the Playstation Network, where for Xbox you have to pay monthly/yearly subscriptions, to the amazing games. We have 3 of these in our home as we are all very big gamers! We use them all everyday for our video games, and we even have our Netflix accounts connected to the systems so we use that all the time too!

I love the PS3. We use it not only for games, but for internet and watching blue-ray movies, as well. Love it.

It does everything. :) You can play blue ray movies, video games, surf the internet, watch movies on netflix. I love the ps3. I think it is one of the best purchases I ever made.

Ps3 does it all movies games music Internet browsing many apps . Crackle Netflix and hulu great for streaming movies . Ps3 has some of the best exclusives uncharted god of war and the last of us to name a few. All around great entertainment device

We love our PS3 . Movies , games, crackle , Netflix , these are just a few things u can do.

very expensive blie-ray player. Not a lot of good games for this