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  • katger48 By  katger48    

    My sister read this book and then suggested it to me. I was in the middle of reading another book so I gave it to my 17 year old daughter who loved it so much she couldn't put it down. I felt the same way. I fell in love with the characters. A really great read.

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  • zorba1234 By  zorba1234    

    Loved this book. Read it in a few days because it was hard to put down. Also saw the movie which was good, but not as great as the book.

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  • EmmyLove By  EmmyLove    

    I love this book!!! I'm amazed at how fabulously Sara Gruen managed to write this novel from a man's point of view, and to do it so vividly and spot on. I read it and didn't think once, oh a woman's trying to be a man. She did amazing. And the story and characters were engaging, vivd, and I couldn't drag myself away from the pages for longer than a few minutes. I definitely enjoyed this book!

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  • jocelyn2292 By  jocelyn2292    

    I am an avid romance novel reader and this was by far my favorite book. It was a book that I could not put down until finished and I highly recommend it!

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  • LibertyL5 By  LibertyL5    

    I haven't finished reading this book yet, but it is very enjoyable so far.

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  • marriedgirl27 By  marriedgirl27    

    This is one of the best books I have ever read. I read it for the 1st time a few years ago and have reread it since. My husband loved it too and we are very excited to watch the movie. I highly recommend this book!

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  • nursetiffany By  nursetiffany    

    I just recently read this book since the movie is now out and I LOVED it!!!!!! I couldn't put it down and finished it very quickly. It was a super great read!

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  • yogachic By  yogachic    

    I had heard about this book a while ago but never bought it. Recently picked it up at a used book sale and could not put it down! Fell in love with the main character and truly enjoyed the flashbacks. I too gave it to a friend right after finishing it. Very good read!!!

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  • Traybay By  Traybay    

    I LOVED this book. I got it as a gift and didn't read it for a year because I thought it looked boring. I do love elephants though, so I decided to give it a try. I admit that for the first half of the book, I was like, where's the elephant? By then I was very involved with all of the wacky but endearing characters. I learned quite a bit about the circus. Didn't think I'd care but it really was very interesting. When the Elephant was introduced, I was in love! She was smart and funny and I wanted a real one. I hated the guy who was mean to her. HATE!! You'll see. Read it, you won't be sorry!

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  • busgirl By  busgirl    

    This is by far one of my favorites. I really enjoy reading period pieces of days gone by, and her writing is just wonderful. Great story.

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  • mamatomonsters By  mamatomonsters    

    One of my very favorite books. I highly recommend it for a book club.

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  • apreisen By  apreisen    

    Absolutely one of the best books I've read. Not typically the type of book I would choose to read, but I am so glad I did! The book is now making the rounds of my family and friends. Its a hit!

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  • judithcaryn By  judithcaryn    

    Water for Elephants is one of those rare books that both men and women can relate to and enjoy reading. I shared this book with my father, mother, partner, and adult children and we unanimously enjoyed the read. The story is engaging, the writing descriptive without dragging and the characters are believable and pull at our emotions. Beautifully told, read it before seeing the movie!

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  • Leanonme707 By  Leanonme707    

    Absolutly loved this book! A must read!

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  • momsaver1 By  momsaver1    

    LOVED IT! We read it as part of our book club - what a great read! I read ALOT of fiction and I still remember this story line over a year later!

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