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  • Preppygirlsc By  Preppygirlsc    

    I bought these because of the reviews I read here, and HOLY MOLY I AM IN LOVE!!! My sheets have a light scent that makes me want to take a nap! It is DELIGHTFUL!!!! THANK YOU LADIES!! I am smitten!

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  • Kelly1962Tx By  Kelly1962Tx    

    Works.... Makes my clothes So Soft & smell great...

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  • ShilohsMommy By  ShilohsMommy    

    I received a sample of the Downy Unstopables and was pleasantly surprised. First of all, I love the Downy brand and had high hopes for this product and I must say it exceeded them! Until I was ready to do my laundry, I kept the little sample bag in my dresser drawer and it made my clothes smell so fresh. I finally used it in my laundry and when I pulled my clothes out of the dryer they smelled so good! A couple of weeks later, when wearing clothes that were from that load of laundry I can still smell the Downy Unstopables. I definitely intend to regulary use this product and plan on purchasing it for future use! I would recommend it to anyone.

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  • Bridge6981 By  Bridge6981    

    I got a sample of these with another purchase for Mr Clean. I washed my sheets in them and they smelled AMAZING! I love strongly scented products that I can use, put in the linen closet and take out a month later and have my linens still smell fresh. This is that product. It isn't overpowering but it is strong and it smells great. I love it. I will be washing my towels and sheets (at least!) with unstopables.

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  • LeahSaysViews By  LeahSaysViews    

    When the box first arrived in the mail I of course opened with glee because first off I love Downy and second...did I mention I love Downy. I being the "follow the rules kind of gal that I am"... {cough} read through the instructions. *How to Use: Downy UnStopables go directly into the washer drum to infuse a fresh unstoppable scent. Shake a little or a lot into the cap. Toss into the drum of HE or regular washer before you start the wash. Drop in any machine-washable cloths, towels and other fabrics. Enjoy lasting fresh scent. **DO NOT PUT INTO YOUR LIQUID DISPENSER OR DRYER. Use with or without fabric softener. Ok directions read and understood...check! I immediately use in my next two loads of laundry. Jeans and then towels. Upon removing the jeans from the wash they were a bit over powering in scent because my fabric softener is scented as well. My towels smelled SO good. I do not add fabric softener to my bath towels (so they are more absorbent). The best thing happened when I pulled a towel out of the bath cabinet almost 2 week's later. They still smelled fresh and not that stale "I've been in this cabinet way too long" kind of scent. A fresh "I was just brought in from the laundry scent"! I loved it! I have made the choice to continue using the Downy UnStopables for my towels and sheets. Oh you really have to try this on your bed sheets. I wash mine weekly and they still smell great although dirty at the end of the week. You can find Downy UnStopables in the laundry aisle in your supermarket. With two choices of scents. Fresh - Clean, Airy, Crisp Lush - Luxurious, Relaxing, Romantic

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