Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt

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I am probably in the minority, but I didn't care for this at all. It was way to thick and the texture was terrible. I could only handle half the container before I threw it away. Not for me.

I thought I didn't like Greek yogurt because I'd tried several of my husband's Chobanis and didn't care for them. I find the chalky texture to be very off-putting. But, it turns out I just don't like Chobani Greek yogurt. I've tried a few other brands, and they are smoother without that gritty feeling. I prefer other brands and no longer purchase these for our family.

I find this yogurt totally disgusting. Overpriced because of the word Greek and it tastes horrible. The first time I tasted it my tastebuds were anxious for what was supposed to be a delicious flavor. But to their dissapointment it was the worst flavor to meet my tongue! I believe I spit it out and threw the rest of it away. A few weeks later I thought maybe it was just the flavor I purchased that I didn't like, but to my dissapointment the second flavor was just as bad and it went into the trash also. I'm sticking with Yoplait!

i thought that this was alright, its too "watery" for my liking, i rather stick with Fage yogurt. what i don't like about the packaging for this product is that they don't pack other flavors when you buy in bulk. they have the regular strawberry, blueberry, and peach. i want to try the honey so bad to compare agaisnt the Fage. oh well....I am currently still trying to finish the one i have....

I did like the flavor of these very much, but wasnt the biggest fan of the texture. they were slightly too thick for my taste, but not by much. I loved the fruit on the bottom and usually i'm not a fan.

I love the taste of this yogurt and that it fills me up. My only problem is that it molds very quickly and often before the expiration date. I purchase the case at Sam's Club. I have called the company and has something to do with proper storage temperatures during shipping. I am very hesitant to purchase this product. I now purchase a large container of vanilla yogurt and put my own fruit in it.

I think these are good, but I dont like the texture, and they spoil easily..

These are not all that they are cracked up to be tome. It's pretty good yogurt for those who don't like real yogurt. I find their yogurts too sweet/sugary and not packing the same amount of protein and calcium as other less-sweetened brands.

I personally did not really like the taste of this yoghurts. For my taste it seems to have a weird aftertaste. On the other hand, my hubby likes it.

I don't like most of their varieties, though some are good. The yogurt always tastes a little too sour, even for Greek yogurt, and some of them the sugar taste is really there in a bad way.

We like the reduced sugar in these Greek yogurt cups as well as the amount of protein per serving. We're not very excited about the taste, however, but that's typical if you're not a fan of Greek yogurt. The pineapple one tastes really great, though, so you might want to check that out. Regardless of the taste, we continue to purchase these whenever they go on sale at Target.

I love them!!! fave flavor is pineapple!!! :)

Chobani Yogurt This brand of yogurt is the best I've tried yet! It is Keto friendly and absolutely delicious. While pregnant, this was my dessert almost every single night!

It is thick and the fruit is plenty my whole family loves it

Love it!