Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail color

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail color

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Cheap and Great Colors This Sally Hansen polish is a great one to buy if you're looking for something cheap and of good quality. They also have a lot of color varieties for you to choose from that will look amazing on your nails. The only concern is I'm not the biggest fan of the brush. It tends to be a bit on the wider side which can work if you have big nails but it's a pain to use if your nails are smaller. Especially painting the pinkie nail can be tricky. But with a bit of practice, you get used to it eventually.

Great color, great price This brand offers a great variety of colors at an even better price. I love this color specifically, so classic and elegant looking. My only cons are that the wide brush can be difficult to use for smaller nails and the polish seems to start clumping and getting glob like after 4-5 uses. However, at the price point, it still gets its money?s worth and there may be a way around this that I just don?t know about yet.

Love the quick dry Love this brand always applies smoothly and the quick dry is the best part. I always think my polish is dry and end up smudging one nail to the point of no return never have I had this happen from this brand.

Decent polish at a decent price... I like the range of colors, and the price is decent, too. I?m not a fan of the wide brush. Many of these are thick, especially the creams, and make for decent stamping polish. Despite the name, their thickness does mean longer drying time.

Meh Tried these on a whim and I like the color options and they go on nicely. Not so instant dry as labeled, but adding another brand's quick brand top coat works great!

LONG WEAR Sally Hansen also has great products nice gloss and shine, but long wear is what I love, no chipping of the product. Recommending to someone depends on the wearing of the product and color along with their complexion

Love the coverage! Decided to paint my nails right before bedtime so I grabbed my new nude polish I recently purchased. I'm using #203 "Buff & Tumble". I shook it well but still thought " Oh man this is kind of thick going on!" However I was pleasantly surprised after it dried at the very decent coverage of just one coat. Honestly I didn't even realize that this was an *insta dri* product until I was done. It did take a couple minutes to dry but I'm in the very humid South in TN. I LOVE this neutral shade & will add a second coat in the morning & probably a top coat after reading everyone else's comments about chipping if you don't do so. The only 2 negatives to me was the design of the bottle as I feel it's prone to tipping & the brush itself seems a bit cheap & poorly designed making it a bit difficult to be precise. *Photo shows only 1 Coat*

Pretty But Chippy This nail polish is super convenient, but I don't find that it lasts long. I'm someone who doesn't always want to get salon gels, but I sure wish I could replicate that at home :). The shades are nice, but don't plan for long term wear with this product.

Dries quickly This nail polish dries quicker than other brands I use, but it still took awhile. Maybe the coat that I applied was too thick. ??? Great colors too.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail color has nice colors to choose from and they are easy to apply. I love that they dry so fast so I can move on to other things.

Dries quick Easy to put on, dries fast but doesn?t last very long on my nails.

Great Brush has great coverage and love the extensive colors.

Perfect every time!!! I've used Sally Hansen all my life and Insta-Dri is the best. Base, 2 coats, Insta-Dri top coat, lasts me 2 weeks!!!!

Walk away sister, and look for something better Needed a nail polish that would last and so I tried this one, wrong choice! At first, the polish was great, went on my nails well and stayed for a fair amount of time, all things considered. However, after using this polish for a month, I've noticed that the polish has become clumpy and no longer goes on smoothly. Want a polish for a one time use? This is the one for you. Want a polish to collect? Walk away sister, and look for something better, you deserve better.

Pretty Polish I love that Sally Hansen Insta Dri 3 in 1 nail polish dries in 60 seconds! It has a base coat and top coat in 1 step! It doesn't chip either! They have 48 shades to pick from!