Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

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I absolutely love this product! I wear it everyday and am never disappointed. I got the SPF 75 bottles and I am truly impressed. I've never liked wearing sunblock because they were always way too greasy for my skin. This one isn't greasy; it has a mattifying effect so it feels extra lightweight on your skin. It doesn't smell as strongly as most sunblocks, which is a definitely plus for me because the sunblock scent makes me extremely nauseous. The only thing I dislike about it is that I wish it would come in a bigger bottle! The amount of product you get is still pretty good for the price, but it could be better. All in all, a fantastic sunblock that I would purchase over and over, without hesitation.

I love this sunblock! I spend a lot of time outside for work and this is by far the best sunblock I have ever used. It is light but still provides excellent protection. An extra benefit of its non-greasy formula, I can securely hold my kayak paddle without my hands sliding like with other products. This was recommended to me by a fellow paddler and I have recommended to everyone I know.

Best sunblock I have tried and I am a sunblock junkie. Non-greasy, great protection (uva/uvb), good for sensitive skin, and awesome under do not have to wait hours for it to dry before applying makeup.

This stuff is the best. Not oily like most sun blocks. also, great protection. It IS expensive for how much is in the tube though.

This is my favorite sunscreen!! Love that it goes on easily and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. This is also they best sunscreen for my daughter who has very sensitive skin!

Works great and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy like a lot of sunscreens do. It also doesn't have that strong smell most sunscreens do

i love this, i bought the 100 one at wall mart a long time ago and it keeps my face like clean and fresh. it feels nice when it touchs your face, compared to others with oily stuff that makes you break out.

This is by far the best sunblock I've found and I'm quite fair so I use a lot of sunblock! It's non-greasy and absorbs quickly. I recommend it to anyone who does not want to get sunburned but doesn't like the feel of the majority of sunblocks.

I live and work in the sun and have been using Neutrogena sunblocks for years. This particular sunscreen really blends in well and does not leave a greasy or chalky film on your skin, and allows make-up to be put on over top of it.

I love this sunscreen it is so easy to put on and you do not have to worry about feeling greasy.

great product and does not make me break out.. Lasts a long time...

Great long lasting light weight sunblock! Even great for sens. skin!!

This worked great for me. Not a single bit of sun and did not dry my face out, but I have oily skin. It did, however, dry my husband's face out.

I love this b/c I have oily skin and once this lotion sets into skin it dosent look or feel greasy. It also dosent make me break out!

I love the way it blocks the sun from my skin.