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  • Abbashir By  Abbashir    

    A great drugstore foundation that can be easily compared to any high end foundation. Gives good buildable coverage and does not oxidize.

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  • Modestbeautymom By  Modestbeautymom    

    Will purchase again!

    Excellent product. Not heavy or cakey, long lasting as well as light weight. Will definitely purchase again! I enjoyed it as a combo skin customer

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  • Misty22 By  Misty22    

    NOT A FAN!!

    As a makeup artist...I try every product from inexpensive to the VERY pricey...although this is very affordable...its worthless. Doesnt cover blemishes well at all and doesnt hold well throughout the day. Love E.L.F products generally but NOT this product!!

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  • GirlMomof3 By  GirlMomof3    

    Good for the price

    I thought this product was a good option for someone that doesn?t like to spend a lot on makeup or who doesn?t wear it often!

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  • Shanleynicole810 By  Shanleynicole810    

    Decent for penny pinchers!

    I have really sensitive skin so I was super happy this did not make me break out, but it did not last all day and definitely not my favorite foundation but got the job done in a pinch!

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  • vanel46 By  vanel46    


    I purchased this product because it happen to be on sale. The shades are really too light for women of color but I use lighter foundations as concealers and this product works, its thick so a dab on the back of your hand and a swoosh with a makeup brush does a good job on my face. I would love to use this as a foundation if there was a wider color selection.

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  • UrbanAuthor By  UrbanAuthor    

    Not My Favorite

    I absolutely love ELF products but this was one of my least favorite. It was easy to use and blended okay. I didn't like the overall smell of the foundation. the color seemed to not match too good with my skin complexion. There isn't enough variety of shades to chose from. Very cheap brand if you are on a budget. It's not long day were but only a couple of hours.

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  • ReviewsByKay By  ReviewsByKay    

    This is definitely a very affordable and decent performing foundation. Elf is always stepping g up their game and this foundation is one of their holy grail mus haves. This is medium coverage. Not matte but does give a healthy and natural appearance. Blends beautifully and does not oxidize on the face.

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  • kelseyessex305 By  kelseyessex305    


    When I bought this product I was a little skeptical because it was $6 dollars and that is cheap! Usually when you wear cheap makeup it looks bad and just doesn't have a very good quality. I was shocked when I opened the package that the bottle itself was so nice, it was a matte glass bottle which kind of threw off how much foundation was really in there. I tried the foundation 2 ways, 1 with a foundation brush which applied a little thicker then i prefer but I LOVED the way it looked, it gave a more dewy but not shiny look which was amazing and didn't feel cakey.I wore the foundation all day and it stayed on all day which even most $50 foundations don't do. The next day I applied it with a beauty blender which applied the right amount that i prefer. Again I was impressed that it stayed on all day. The only things I would change about these products are, a wider shade variety I had to mix Natural and Sand together and still wasn't my true color. Another suggestion to the company, put more foundation in the bottle I feel like I am just paying more for the glass than the foundation. other that those 2 complaints i was very impressed and I actually got my best friend into this product and all she buys now is E.l.f. products.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    Good not great

    I got this foundation, like all others on sale, but $6 USD is still cheap. I didn't expect much of it to be honest, but everytime I've worn it I get compliments about my makeup, and well I say that speaks volumes. This is a medium coverage foundation and it has a little ability of building it up, but to medium/high, not more, and it won't look cakey. It blends easily and on my skin (dry) it has a lasting power of about 6-8 hours (I tend to touch my face a lot). If I have a dry patch, it doesn't make more obvious, it smooths it out. It has a satin finish, that personally I like because it gives me a more natural look. Another pro, is the packaging. It has a pump, and the bottler is frosted glass, making it feel more expensive. My only dislike is the color range, I use ?Sand?, and it is almost my shade, except it has a more orangey tone, and I am more yellow, I can make it work without much problems but it does limit who can use it, if they were more neutral, they would have a greater reach. I understand it is an economical brand, and are expanding their color selection, but still I find not very universal.

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