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Dewy complexion needed.
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on Oct 29, 2009 (Read 3561 times | Comments: 16)
I have VERY dry skin. How do I get a dewy looking complexion? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

on Dec 08, 2011 Quote  »     Reply  »

Mary Kay has a foundation called TimeWise® Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation. It is a foundation that gives you a Dewy look- my sister in law uses it and loves it! Of course moisturizer is vital before any make-up~ Hope this helps

on Dec 22, 2011 Quote  »     Reply  »

You could try argan oil. I use Watts brand - just the pure oil, not a product with the oil in it. (I buy it at amazon - a small bottle lasts a long time.) I had scaly skin on my knees for years, and it took care of it in a week, and my face is much softer, now. Just put 2-3 drops on your skin at night - might want to use a towel on your pillow. For a dewy look, check out something called BB cream - just search amazon for it. It's an Asian product, but I am fair skinned, and it works wonders for me. I use Skin69 and Missha. It takes about 10 minutes to oxidize, but after that, I look like I have no makeup on, and perfect dewy skin - even in full sun and fluorescent light. BB cream also has sunscreen and moisturizers. Can't live without the stuff.

on Dec 22, 2011 Quote  »     Reply  »

I wonder the same, but I also have very bad acne prone skin.

on May 01, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »
Originally posted by ldteeter » 
You may want to try Votre Vu's line of Normal to Dry Skin which is being featured in Elle.com this week plus lot's of celebrities have discovered it's amazing results. I am a consultant but I love my skin now and that hasn't been the case in well over 8 years. I am 42 and my skin has changed over the years to where it was blah and not vibrant. Now I am complimented every day and I love it. The price range is approx. 150.00 for a full skincare regimen including milk cleanser, toner, serum and day creme. There are pm products and incredible eye creme's to add on which give you the full skincare regimen plus they have a Frozen Serum called Les Sorbet which is the first of it's kind. If you or anyone is interested in learning more about Votre Vu's benefits - just send me an email and I will get you the websit and send you samples to try before you buy. ~ Lisa Keone-Teeter

I would love to try out this skincare line! Ive heard grest things about them as well and i suffer from dry skin! Im a newly Licensed Esthetician and love trying out all kinds of Skincare lines! Expensive to not that expensive! I just like whatever works for
me and something i can recomend in the future to clients as well!
My email is brittanysterling83@gmail.com  
Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you!

on May 11, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »

I would use a hydrating overnight face mask! It really gives your face time to soak the product in! Also, moisturize with face moisturizer but also look to use makeup products that are moisturizing as well! Luminous foundations and primers can help give the effect of a dewy look as well as "wet" looking highlighters!

on Jul 15, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »

I use coconut oil as a makeup remover for all over my face at bedtime, then I just wipe it off with a clean, soft dry cloth, and sometimes apply a bit more as a moisturizer, but often times, you don't need more. The result in the  morning is super soft skin!! 
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