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'Friends' 25th Anniversary Gives Fans a Chance to Relive the Show

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 08.22.19
'Friends' 25th Anniversary Gives Fans a Chance to Relive the Show
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This September will be the 25th anniversary of the first episode of the hit TV series, Friends, and it will be celebrated in true-to-the-show New York style. 

Are you a Friends fan? Tell us your favorite characters or episodes below to win a 25th Anniversary coffee mug and Central Perk limited edition ground coffee!

The Big Screen

Friends is coming to a movie theater near you! Called "Friends 25th: The One with the Anniversary", you can check out twelve of the show's most memorable episodes over three nights, plus never-before-seen extras. Airing on 1,000 screens, tickets are on sale now through Fathom Events. Though most of these shows are sold-out, it's worth checking to see if any tickets are left in a theater near you.

Visit Central Perk

In New York this September, there will be an immersive pop-up show, recreated to look like Central Perk and featuring all kinds of memorable items, according to the Hollywood ReporterChandler and Joey’s recliners and foosball table are sure to bring laughs and memories as well as Monica and Rachel’s purple door. The Central Perk will be recreated with a look-alike orange sofa and real props and costumes from the show will be on view. There will even be a fountain area from the show’s iconic opening theme recreated inside the shop. Though the tickets disappeared quickly, you can join their mailing list here - if enough people show interest, maybe they'll extend the time.

If you're on the West Coast, you can visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Santa Monica or The Coffee Bean in West Hollywood, where you can check out Central Perk, orange couch included. There’s memorabilia from the sitcom and specialty drinks named for its cast, including The Rachel Matcha Latte, The Joey Mango Cold Brew Tea and The Phoebe Cookies & Cream Ice Blend. But be quick, both end on Aug. 23.

Bring it Home

Do you want to have a little Friends in your home forever? Visit Pottery Barn, where you can buy several Friends items, including a replica of the legendary apothocary table (from the days of yore), recreated down to the last detail. It now costs $1,099, a lot more than the "one and 50 dollars" that Rachel told Phoebe she paid in that episode.

For a more fun, make-it-your-own memory, check out the Central Perk replica that you can build out of Legos. Of course it includes the couch and chairs, but it also has the stage where Phoebe performed on her guitar and Ross played his keyboard. Bonus: the set comes with 7 minifigures, including the 6 main characters plus Gunther. Order here starting September 1.

Are you a fan of Friends? Comment below with your favorite character or plotline, and you can win a 25th Anniversary coffee mug and Central Perk limited edition ground coffee!

*One lucky contestant will be chosen at random to receive a 25th Anniversary coffee mug and Central Perk limited edition ground coffee. If the items are out-of-stock, they may be replaced with similar items of similar value. Giveaway is open through September 8th, 2019 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • Jenski0917 By Jenski0917

    Favorite character is Chandler Bing, but my favorite quote come from Joey,"Yeah, like a cow's opinion. It just doesnt matter. Its moo."

  • wdionisiolover By wdionisiolover

    Omg my kids remember me watching friends when it first came out,now my daughter watches it and feels nostalgic, lol. my favorite is when joey told rachel that he was in love with her, they make an awesome couple. so many other favorites.

  • mikecat1 By mikecat1

    The One with All the Football is my favorite Friends episode. Phoebe was my favorite girl character and Chandler is my favorite guy character. I was pregnant with my daughter when Friends premiered and so I've passed on my love of the show on to my daughter.

  • BeyondEzra By BeyondEzra

    My favorite plot line is when Joey finds out that Monica and Chandler are hooking up and he tries to see if the other's know.

  • Hywelda9 By Hywelda9

    Oh, just a delightful, friendly show! Robbing the cheesecake and eating it sneakily off the floor - who can't relate?

  • lilluckymama By lilluckymama

    This to me is one of the funniest, best written shows of our generation. I?ve watched each episode probably 5 times each lol. Ross is the most underrated character and my favorite. Him and Rachel?s love story and the ups and downs are epic. But we all know HES HER LOBSTER 🦞❤️👩🏼🧑🏻

  • bakerlady74 By bakerlady74

    I'm watching it right now on NETFLIX. I hope they never take it off!!!

  • mrsanna522 By mrsanna522

    I love Rachel and Joey!

  • kathydc529 By kathydc529

    Chandler is my favorite. But my favorite episode will always be the one with the prom tape! It shows that Ross always loved Rachel and we saw the heavier Monica. It's classic!

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    I am not a Friends fan, but my husband loves it.

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