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March 25th was Waffle Day {Recipe}

March 25th was Waffle Day {Recipe}
in Food 
03.27.12     1

Foodies all over the U.S. celebrate Waffle Day on March 25th. As a foodie junkie, I wanted to share with you a delightful Waffle Recipe I am sure your family will truly enjoy!

National Cherry Pie Day

National Cherry Pie Day
in Food 
02.21.12     Read More & Comment

Did you know that Cherry Pie is ranked as the second best pie in America? Certainly today is the perfect day to keep this pie ranked as second best in the nation. So, let's keep this tradition alive by preparing an awesomely delicious sweet treat: Cherry Hand Pies.

Chocolate Cake Day is Today January 27

Chocolate Cake Day is Today  January 27
in Food 
01.27.12     12

Let's get ready to celebrate today by preparing a simple yet delicious Flour-Less Chocolate Cake. As you will soon see from the recipe, participating in Chocolate Cake Day does not have to be a complicated activity. For those who have the time, this recipe can be prepared in matter of minutes. Th…

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