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  • MariaReviewsAll By  MariaReviewsAll    

    Tasty and Natural

    Yum! I love this brand of drinks, they're always tasty and natural. I usually drink this with the liquid and add 20% of water into the drink, just to dilute the sweetness of the drink.

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  • vramos99 By  vramos99    

    Great for kids

    I LOVE the flavor of this! It?s so good! You can really taste the mango in it! My kids love it

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  • Tkasburg By  Tkasburg    


    I don't care for the flavors . They don't blend very well. I wish they had better Tastinf flavors because it is good for you

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  • DHPowder By  DHPowder    

    Surprisingly Delicious

    I received this product as a free sample through PINCHme and ever since I have been looking for this flavor. I love the fact that I am able to get my fruit and vegetables in one drink. I have tried some of the other Veggie Blends flavors and I still think this is my favorite. I did not think that mixing carrots and mangoes together would have a great taste like it did.

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  • Yarihdz By  Yarihdz    

    Good mix

    When I received V8 carrot-mango from PINCHme, I thought it was a combination as rare, being Latina mix of flavors made me doubt. I tried it and liked it. There is not a strong flavor of either fruits. It is not very sweet but not sour, it has the perfect sweetness. Best of all are that you consume vegetables & fruits in healthy and delicious way. It's no added sugar, no artificial colors. It's probably not my favorite flavor, but it's nice and I would buy it. I received this products for free to tasting purposes.

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