New Podcast Episode with Top Chef's Tiffany Derry & Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.07.21
New Podcast Episode with Top Chef's Tiffany Derry & Giveaway

On Episode 35 of the #SheSpeaksPodcast, we sit down with Tiffany Derry, former fan-favorite Top Chef contestant who is currently appearing as a guest judge on the current season (18) of Bravo's Top Chef!  Tiffany is a celebrity chef and restaurant owner who still finds the time to be an activist and give back to her community. Tiffany shares what it takes to run successful businesses and maintain a filming schedule. 

Read on to see how you can WIN your choice of a shirt (up to $35 value) from Tiffany's DerryWear /'shef/ collection and a $25 grocery gift card to get cooking in your own kitchen! 

Tiffany is funny, motivating, and inspiring in this episode. You will quickly see why she was voted the fan favorite contestant on Top Chef. You will learn about her rise to success and how she made her way to the top in a very male-dominated field. Tiffany also shares with us how the chance to appear on Top Chef came about and what it is like to come full circle and appear as a judge on the show, currently on Bravo.

Tiffany is a true star. We love that she extends her influence beyond the kitchen by helping to lobby in Washington D.C. for better food policies so no American goes hungry, and for helping mentor youth. Of her mission, Tiffany says she loves connecting with people. Once you listen to this episode, you'll see just how easy she is to relate to.  If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review on our podcast. 

"I've learned that food was just a gateway...what I learned that I love the most is the gift of people. Relationships; being able to talk employees or the guests that come into the restaurant." 

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Podcast Giveaway: Tiffany Derry Episode

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  • GiveItAWhirlGirl By GiveItAWhirlGirl

    love the recipes

  • littleneko By littleneko

    I like how she was able to shift during the pandemic.

  • tripichick By tripichick

    privilgegevgets one places

  • Jeanineitsme By Jeanineitsme

    She really impressed me with her story. It shows how even when you are confronted with challenges that seem like they're insurmountable, believe in yourself and keep working at it and you can overcome.

  • mrenda By mrenda

    Its is so easy in todays world to get depressed but this helps you keep going.

  • Loepsie By Loepsie

    What an inspiring young women! Keep your head up and know that you are worthy and blessed!

  • hezan1 By hezan1

    I li,ke that she never stopped pushing forward to achieve her dream. It's so easy to get depressed and derailed in this world, but she just kept fighting.

  • jsheets1 By jsheets1

    i find this to be so inpsring!! i love strong determined women ,that no matter what life throws at them,they stayed focused and turned their dreams ino reality,needed at this point in my life to read and hear this ,makes me think i can achieve great things as well,no matter what barriers arethrownmy way,thamk u from me and other women who think u r amazing and great role model!

  • linda6467 By linda6467


  • tripichick By tripichick

    love hearing a strong articulate woman talk about role models

  • Smash10 By Smash10

    She overcame a lot in her life but used that to persevere and create the life of her dreams. She is inspiring to myself and many others! Thank you for sharing your story, Tiffany. 

  • don538 By don538

    It brought tears to my eyes when she told how that cruel lady treated her when she was a waitress. 

  • deerlee By deerlee

    love the podcast ideas

  • melmorgan4 By melmorgan4

    She is very inspiring and has found innovative, yet practical ways to help make a difference by impacting policy.

  • millit By millit

    Women are amazing

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