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  • policewife206 By  policewife206    

    Best Brush Around

    A friend recommended Wet Brush to me many years ago when I was struggling to brush my special needs daughters very long hair. Wet Brush was an answer to our prayers! Her tears disappeared when it was time to brush her hair and she even was able to eventually brush her hair on her own using Wet Brush. I ended up buying a Wet Brush for every member of the family! Even Dad loves his Wet Brush! We must have 10 of them now! I even gift them to other moms of little girls.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Love Wet Brush!

    I really like my Wet Brush! I cannot imagine how I ever brushed my long hair without it!! Can't live without it now! I own 3 just so I never have to be without one!!

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  • BSBRose21 By  BSBRose21    

    I tried the Wet Detangler brush after trying the Tangle Teezer. It works amazing - in and out of the shower. The price is inexpensive at $13 from Ulta.

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  • Kelli78 By  Kelli78    

    The best hair brush ever!

    I never knew how important a great hairbrush could be! I found a WET brush on clearance and bought it on a whim not knowing how life changing it would be! I very fine thin hair that stays tangled to the point of tears when having to brush it out. This brush glide through my hair so gently it's amazing! If your on the fence about it trust me buy it!

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  • babees2619 By  babees2619    

    Wet brush

    Hands down love love love. Can?t brush my hair without a wet brush. So happy with mine and I?ve had it for years.

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  • Rileym By  Rileym    

    Great brush! This brush is great for wet or dry hair. It never tugs at my hair and always leaves it detangled and smooth.

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  • moont1gr By  moont1gr    

    Detangles Easily

    My hair is a knot champion and I've always felt guilty using other brushes when I had to essentially rip them through my hair. I don't have that guilt or frustration with this brush. It detangles my hair wet or dry with no issues. If you have thick, wavy, and frizzy hair it is a life saver and I would recommend.

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  • Vinnie By  Vinnie    

    Really like

    I really like these brushes, they don't hurt as much to comb as other brushes do.

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  • java_jenny By  java_jenny    

    Recommend 100%

    I love these brushes. I have purchased 3 of them over the years. Totally makes brushing wet hair really easy ans without painful detangling needed.

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  • beautybabemaria By  beautybabemaria    

    Love love love

    I love these brushes they last forever and work amazing getting tangles out without pain 🙌.

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  • herbalkate By  herbalkate    

    Gentle enough for the whole family.

    This was the first detangler brush I tried and I loved it from the start. It was gentle on my head and hair and, as it says, can be used while your hair is wet without breaking it since hair is most fragile when it's wet. I've purchased both the full-size version and the purse-size version and much prefer the full-size. It smooths and detangles my hair and leaves it soft and voluminous. I use the purse-size version on my long-hair cat because she's tender-headed and can't bear to be brushed any other way. It's gentle enough to use on her.

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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Great for sensitive heads.

    Everyone in my house has one of these brushes. I will never buy another brand of brush. My daughter has three. Great for sensitive heads.

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  • Heidi23 By  Heidi23    


    Love this brush. Doesn't pull as much hair out as other brushes. Goes through hair and detangles smoothly. I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but this is a great brush especially if you have kids who go outside for 5 seconds and come back in looking like they got dreads but then wanna cry when you brush their hair

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  • curiousgirl By  curiousgirl    

    Great for de-tangling kids' hair wet or dry

    This is the only brush my 4 year old daughter tolerates! It smooths out tangles well, and is perfect to use in the bath when applying conditioner and de-tangling my daughter's long hair. I'm not convinced it gets ALL the tangles out because pushing down on the brush causes it to flex and brush over the tangles, but I still use it every day because it's the ONLY one my daughter likes and doesn't scream OWWW with every stroke even though I'm ever so gentle, and it's good enough.

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  • acaine73 By  acaine73    

    Awesome brush

    I love this brush. It goes through my hair without any pulling and gets out any tangles that I have with ease. I use this brush on wet and dry hair and it works great for both. This is a great quality brush that will work on all hair types.

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