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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    Great product

    I personally can?t use this formula due to the main ingredient being clay and I have dry/combo skin. However I have recommended this to multiple friends with over the top oily skin and they said it?s a game changer, there?s no need for throughout the day touch ups. It stays in place all day, and it doesn?t dry their skin out by the time the day has been washed off. The perfect remedy to your oily skin frustration!

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  • Fountains777 By  Fountains777    

    Did not work for me

    I have a combination of oily skin and sometimes dry. My nose and forehead tend to get oily faster. This product oxidizes quickly, it clumps, and increases the crease lines around your forehead, nose, and smile. I tried to like it, because it was a bit pricey. But I ended up switching to Too Faced instead. I wouldn't recommend for oily skin.

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  • jselby808 By  jselby808    

    Matte full coverage

    The product is very matte and does give a nice full coverage. It does wear around the nose and forehead are pretty quickly. For the price I would have expected it to last longer.

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  • Tessakerecman By  Tessakerecman    

    Great product with some downsides

    Tends to oxidize slightly and doesn't fair well in the heat (tends to run off ) even when primer is used Overall though it's a high coverage foundation that has a good consistency and is a great deal for the price

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  • Abbadabbs By  Abbadabbs    

    Worth it

    I love Tarte, it's my favorite brand, and this foundation doesn't disappoint. It's full cover but feels lightweight, it blends beautifully, lasts all day, and looks natural.

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  • Modestbeautymom By  Modestbeautymom    

    A little too much for me

    I?ll start off by saying that Tarte is my all time #1 favorite brand. Now with that being said, this product just didnt work for my or my dry/combo skin. It did feel heavy and cakey which is disappointing since I love all of their foundations

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  • Daisy1467 By  Daisy1467    

    One of the best foundations !!

    I love love this foundation. It covers, light weight and does not have a strong fragrance. I have oily ski and it is hard to find a liquid foundation that sits well on my skin and doesn't look like hot mess in a few hours. I would say this foundation could go well with any skin type. Completely buildable for those who need a little more coverage. I would recommend this product.

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  • Slave2my7 By  Slave2my7    


    Whoooooooo ma'am. This is pricey! I got a sample in a sub box and I instantly fell. It feels sooo wonderful on the face and covers ANYthing.

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  • ecd103 By  ecd103    


    Great coverage, long lasting, not sticky feeling, works well with sensitive skin and isn't overly cakey, or have a chemical smell.

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  • Lilybug24 By  Lilybug24    

    Yes please!!!

    This foundation is INCREDIBLE! The coverage color selection and lasting power is unbelievable

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  • cfrolik By  cfrolik    


    loved this ♥️♥️♥️

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  • mamaofgals By  mamaofgals    

    Best foundation hands down! It has excellent coverage and lasts for hours!

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  • Slahtida By  Slahtida    


    If you?re looking for a full coverage foundation look no further! This comes in a variety of different shades which is great! I tend to be on the lighter side and was still able to find a shad that matched me! Application is smooth and gives you a flawless look!

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  • AGrayGirl By  AGrayGirl    

    You'll never need another concealer again!

    Best Concealer I've ever used! My makeup artist suggested this concealer for my wedding and now I use it every day. I always look fresh faced (even with a 5 month old baby who doesn't sleep through the night!). Applied with a foundation brush my complexion appears flawless and even without primer it lasts all day. Some days it's all I have time to put on and I still get complimented on how great I look for just having a baby!

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