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  • Htimberger By  Htimberger    

    Don't waste your money!

    I do not recommend up and up diapers. It did not hide the odor of urine. It also felt like my son was leaking through his pants but he was not. The diaper just felt damp when it had urine in it. I was very disappointed for up and up brand. Not as good as their baby wipes are. Not worth the price.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    Love Love Love!

    These are my absolute favorite diapers!! They are so worth the price which is cheaper than name brand. Plus they have cute designs and they even go up to a size 7. These diapers hold a lot and support all 3 of my chubby babies!

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  • hcrisp0611 By  hcrisp0611    

    up & up Diapers

    Love these diapers! I've tried several brands, and for the price and overall quality, these ones were the winners. They are a little stiff at first, but I haven't had any problem with leakage.

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  • deanna519 By  deanna519    

    Not worth your time or money

    Not a fan of these diapers on our children. The leg elastic was crappy and leaked. Material seemed very cheap.

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  • Julifacedown By  Julifacedown    

    Worse diapers

    I only used these diapers once and once was enough. My son leaked through almost everyone we used. They were very cheaply made. I will not buy again.

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  • Mgoodman25 By  Mgoodman25    

    Great brand

    I love this brand of diapers it has been the main diaper that I have been using on my second child They work really well, we don't have any leaks and they are priced so much lower than the other brands.

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  • kwine18109 By  kwine18109    

    No sir!

    Honestly, these were some of the roughest diapers I have felt. I had purchased the ones similar to the Pampers swaddlers (the one with the urine indicator) and they failed in comparison. In addition to the roughness on my baby's skin, they could not hold the urine or poop that he had. It seemed to always be a mess whereas with other diapers it would hold in the mess. He couldn't move as freely as he could in other diapers as well.

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  • Anjela By  Anjela    

    I have had problems with my children breaking out in a rash from these diapers,and they leak.

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  • Rachel84 By  Rachel84    

    Love the Up&Up brand diapers. They work great for daytime use. They do tend to leak if used overnight, but otherwise a great product. One of my mainstays!

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  • PaigePanacea By  PaigePanacea    

    These diapers work fairly well. They aren't my first choice but they serve their purpose!

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  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    We have used this brand of diapers for years for our "older baby" (we use Honest diapers for our newborn)! The price is pretty good especially when they go on sale and the quality is pretty good for the price.

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  • catpowell91 By  catpowell91    

    I got these to try and save money on the name brand diapers. While they are quality diapers, My daughter urinates a lot and these tends to leak.

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  • kam180 By  kam180    

    Up&Up diapers are my preferred diapers! They have less chemicals than other leading brands, with reduced diaper rash for my children with eczema and sensitive skin. They are one of the few diaper brands that hold through the night (12 hours)! The price is also right at 7 cents a diaper compared to name brands which can run 25 cents and up per diaper!

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  • EricaX235 By  EricaX235    

    I used these. They are just fine. saved a lot of money using these

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  • Heidibailey91 By  Heidibailey91    

    They are a good price but the leak fast and gave both of my kids a rash

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