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  • HalfPintt By  HalfPintt    

    An Affordable splurge !

    Great variety! Easy to find my size and unique clothing!

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  • KeishaGalmm By  KeishaGalmm    

    When you go to this store, you will need to take your time looking through everything. They have great prices it's just hard to find items. I still love this store because I have 4 boys to shop for and they also do layaway.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    


    Tjmaxx has the best athletic gear!!! Nike, puman etc. Great styles for the whole family! Check out the clearance section.🤑

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  • Sydneytaylor8 By  Sydneytaylor8    

    Love this place!!!!

    I love this store!!! I always go there and end up leaving with a million things I didn?t know I needed. From clothing, home decor, to pet goodies; they have it all.

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  • warrent23 By  warrent23    

    Great store

    great store great prices great variety of brand names

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  • Courtlawton By  Courtlawton    

    Has everything!

    Go to store for stuff on trend and name brand but cheaper

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  • Shanleynicole810 By  Shanleynicole810    

    Home away from home

    This is my go to store!! Especially for gifts, I can always find what the person wants for way cheaper. Also their purse section is my heaven!

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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Love this store!

    One of our go to stores! Have tons of savings in clothing, and a huge variety! Love, love, love this store!

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  • itsashley86 By  itsashley86    

    TJMaxx has recently become my favorite store to add cute outfits to my wardrobe, items for my kitchen, supplies for my dog, and books for my nephew!

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  • Aricart By  Aricart    

    I can found everything here

    This is one my favorite stores. I always found beauty and nails products with very good prices. Also the clothes is very good they have great designs and good quality.

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Don't waste your monies

    Better off shopping wisely at actual retailers - much seems 'broken' - missed stitching or over stitching (can't fix) ... all the defective but let's sell it anyways items I feel cheap - rather shop a second hand store - 1 star is too generous

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  • KayyElleSee12 By  KayyElleSee12    

    I love this store! Cute and affordable clothes and great, friendly service.

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    Always can find a great price and some pretty one of a kind products. I'm just not a fan of digging around for the right size. There's nothing worse than finding something you love and it's in the wrong size

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  • Katlyn_H By  Katlyn_H    

    I love to go into this store and shop. I get good stuff for half the price.

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  • Rahne92 By  Rahne92    

    I had never been in a TJ Maxx before earlier this year. I went NUTS! All of their house and personal stuff is so cute and SO CHEAP! I've never seen simplistic stuff that suits my tastes and needs like I have in here, everything in regular stores for household items like in Walmart or Target are all trying way too hard to be trendy or look like what's popular in the higher end, more expensive household stores an I HATE the stuff that's considered super trendy - like geometric prints or bold, cursive inspiring statements. I like the simplicity of minimalism, but not with those. I'd rather hang up family photographs or photos I've taken in neat frames and have perfect, pocket sized planner that don't have graphics or words on them, but are in pastel colours and TJ Maxx has it all! PLUS KITCHEN STUFF!

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