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  • Porternurse39 By  Porternurse39    

    Single pass...not so much! I bought this at Target because my Babyliss finally died. No comparison. This damaged my hair and definitely was not effective in straightening in a single pass. Too pricey for the let down!

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  • NYCaliGal By  NYCaliGal    

    Great, but doesn?t last!

    One of my first more expensive straighteners that I?ve bought. Initially thought it was the best straightener ever made. But less than a year it really started losing its magic. Aesthetically looks amazing and so modern, and at the beginning worked really well until about a year. I used it every other day to straighten my hair and it got it straight in no time flat, but after losing whatever power it had, it really started to damage my hair.

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  • Giacomin By  Giacomin    

    I love this straighter! Before I went off to college I wanted to have a straighter that was easy to use, fast, effective, and wouldn't damage my hair like other straighteners. the SinglePass delivers all of this! It heats up in less than a minute and is very easy to use when styling. It was a investment, but I'm glad that I did get it because I have never had any problems with it. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone with a busy lifestyle. I am usually able to straighter my medium length, slightly wavy hair in about 10 minutes with the SinglePass.

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