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  • Aricart By  Aricart    


    This my lifesaver everytime i fell my lips dry. I love the smell, is a little expensive but wirth every penny.

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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    I LOVE this stuff! It makes your lips so soft!! The only issue I have is the scent. I'm not huge on rose, but they have a strawberry flavor that is everything.

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  • mayaml By  mayaml    

    This is one of my all time favorite lip balms. I prefer the tin version over the tube- it just seems to moisturize better and is easier to work with. I use this whenever I want my lips to look shiny and nice. Also, I put it on everyday before bed. While it's not medicated, it still works pretty well :)

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  • ClaudiaNicole By  ClaudiaNicole    

    Favorite lip balm of all time!!! smells great and feels great on lips! also love packaging

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  • AshleyEverett By  AshleyEverett    

    This is such a true classic. I love the texture and the color that it leaves behind. The protection is unrivaled and the scent transports me to time of small apothecaries and drugstores with small batches of really great products, like this one. Seriously, get your hands on this, its worth every penny.

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  • i_speaks By  i_speaks    

    This is an all purpose balm. Love the size and portability. Good for everything from lips to elbows to bug bites. Don't leave home without it.

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  • carson1091 By  carson1091    

    Ive been using this stuff as an eye makeup remover for years. I also use it on my cuticles, elbows, as a hand and foot heal scars. It has so many uses. It smells good and it comes it such a cute tin that I sometimes struggle to open lol. Other than that i love this stuff. Its a staple for me. Bath and Body works gave me a coupon so I bought like 4 last time I went to the mall.

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  • melrose6875 By  melrose6875    

    Great product for my always chapped lips!

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    This stuff is the best! I put this on every night before bed, and haven't had chapped lips once. The tin is really cute, but it would be nice to have something you didn't have to put your fingers in.

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  • jazzberry187 By  jazzberry187    

    such a lovely balm to carry in your purse! the scent is so feminine and the texture is wonderful, it leaves my lips supple. I also use this on my elbows and knees. Its something that helps make you feel pampered. A great small gift that anyone would enjoy.

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  • TwinBin By  TwinBin    

    I have never spoken so highly about a product in my life. When it comes to the horrible winter dryness, and the simmering summer's here in Oklahoma, this item is my HG. I have suffered many years with unbelievably dry and cracked lips and elbows. As unpleasent as it was daily for me to walk outside, it was more embarrassing to allow others to see me. I purchased this product on a whim at Sephora ($7.00). Originally, I bought the actual lip blam first. Though I liked it, I wanted to give the "all-around" salve a try. Let me tell you, it was the best decision I have made. No longer were my lips chapped. And my elbows were silky soft and smooth! We are in the middle of a bad winter in Tulsa right now, yet I have not experienced a single area of dryness on my face of body. I recomend using it at night time before bed, and lightly in the morning, as it does have a jelly-like consistancy. If you've heard about this product, but haven't taken the pludge to buy it, DO IT NOW! You won't regret it!

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  • jesls11 By  jesls11    

    This is hands down the best treatment for chapped lips and routine moisture for your lips. I've tried plenty of other highly rated lip balms and nothing comes close. The top five best characteristics are: 1. Your lips feel moisturized for a long time - even after the initial top layer wears off, unlike with more waxy lip balms. 2. If your lips are chapped or sensitive, this doesn't burn them or irritate them further. 3. This is actually the perfect lip gloss/balm. Even though it's not advertised as a gloss, I use it every day and I need nothing else. 4. Great value. Sure it's $5 or $6, but it lasts a few months. 5. It works great on cuticles, too! I always carry cuticle oil and lip balm with me, but I don't really need to with Rosebud Salve. Bottom line is that I tried all of the fan favorites one winter - Burts Bees, EOS, Palmers, etc. - and this was the only thing that set me back on track. If you don't like the idea of sticking your fingers in the pot, it comes in a tube.

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  • Racher4 By  Racher4    

    somewhat expensive but worth it. Love the smell, so lovely. The minted rose balm is great as well.

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  • Icatsstaci By  Icatsstaci    

    The product goes on smooth without being greasy or feeling like it is caked on. I have also used it on my cuticles, which is great especially in the winter months in the Midwest. When applying it I sometimes feel like I should be sitting outside at a Parisian cafe with large sunglasses and hat! I will warn if you are sensitive to smell this does have a mixture of roses and baby powder smell. I think it is great but the smell might not be for everyone. If you have chapped lips, rough cuticles or rough patches of skin I would highly recommend getting this product! There is a reason this has been a popular product in their line since 1892 and is a favorite of many celebrities. The only con I can think of it the fact you are putting your finger it in over and over.

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