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  • MomBlogger By  MomBlogger    

    Although a bit reluctant to try these new snacks, my family and a few visiting friends bravely opened their mouths and took small nibbles of a few different flavors of these Simply Snackin products. The first flavor we opened for this review was the Teryaki Chicken with Mangos and Papayas. It tasted much better than we anticipated. Each of us had a different reaction - some said there was a slight teryaki flavor, two of the kids thought it tasted like steak, and many of the adults liked the hint of sweetness and how juicy the meat is compared to many jerky type snacks. We then bravely opened a few more flavors to try all with similar results ~ Chicken with Italian seasonings and Romano cheese has a mild flavor, Chicken with black bean salsa is spicy (too spicy for me, but my son loves it!) - just tastes hot to me. Sirloin with cherries and blueberries is ok, and Sirloin with apples and cherries - and Sirloin with pineapples are both slightly sweet and juicy. My personal favorites is the Chicken with mangos and papayas. Although these Simply Snackin products are not yet available in stores, they can be found and ordered online. They have even more varieties than what I was sent for this review! Even Gluten Free! These Simply Snackin meat products are great for on-the-go, for work, family trips, school snacks, or just to keep on hand for those hungry-munchy emergencies!


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