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  • lizyoung16 By  lizyoung16    

    Such a great universal snack! Best cracker to eat with summer sausage and cheese, but it?s also delicious with peanut butter or fruit. I like to use Ritz to bread chicken and tenderloins and in meatloaf! Hard to eat plain without a drink, but what do you expect from a cracker?

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Ritz Crackers Original are great alone, in soup, or with a topper. I will use peanut butter or cheese.

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    Love these with slices of my favorite cheeses. Will also buy Townhouse crackers, but prefer Ritz

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  • aervin By  aervin    

    Ritz has always been my favorite cracker since I was a child. My go to toppings are brie, colby jack or chive cream cheese!

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  • forevercluelessx By  forevercluelessx    

    These are so good! I could seriously eat a whole box of these by myself. They are so buttery and delicious!

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  • doraavee By  doraavee    

    So yummy!

    These are the only crackers that i can eat by themselves and still love their taste. I also love this with spreadable cheese so good.

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  • Judith84 By  Judith84    

    Ritz Crackers

    Love these great for long trips in the car. Not too salty but would recommend having a beverage with it. They can be messy if toddlers eat them, on the other hand they are easy to clean up. If you give these kids while you are busy doing housework they will stay busy eating these while doing an activity on their own.

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  • purplehaze1989 By  purplehaze1989    

    These crackers will go good with soups and cheese and summer sausages as a snack

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  • Avilamom By  Avilamom    

    I like them,my kids like them . they are good. Have no complains. Make a nice goody snack tray in partys.

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  • evie202 By  evie202    

    Tried the hint of salt variety today. Fantastic would repurchase . Used Ritz to make chicken cutlets . Delicious !

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  • young_lady29 By  young_lady29    

    we love to snack on ritz with cracker barrel cheese or cream cheese. we buy the smaller snack stacks (the one with approx 15 per sleeve). they are perfect for just the 2 of us

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    Our new years tradition is wine (whiskey for my dad), with a variety or sliced cheese and sausages. I can eat a sleeve of Ritz crackers in one sitting. I love the texture of them. I always have them in my pantry.

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    Light and buttery with just the right amount of salt. Great with extra sharp cheddar and pepperoni!

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  • MissNgel By  MissNgel    

    A snack must try Very delicious. You have to try it The cheesy layer is really wow with the salty biscuits

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  • KarenCr By  KarenCr    

    I like the buttery taste that Ritz have. I especially like how the crackers in the boxes are sealed in smaller packages within so that you always have fresh crackers

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