The Power of Women s Brains with Dr Tracy Alloway

Award-winning psychologist, author, professor, and TEDx speaker, Dr. Tracy Alloway, helps us understand more about the female mind.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Apr 05, 2022
Finding Your Unicorn Space with Eve Rodsky

Eve Rodsky, NY Times Bestselling author joins us for a conversation about her latest book, Find Your Unicorn Space.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 29, 2022
How to Overcome Emotional Eating

Jessica Procini shares the signs and triggers for emotional eating and how to change your relationship with food.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 22, 2022
How to Advocate for Your Health with Lexie Stevenson

Listen in as Lexie Stevenson, Emmy-nominated Young & the Restless actress shares her experience as a young woman living with endometriosis and how she is helping others.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 15, 2022
Learn Your Strengths Take Risks with Rachel Weintraub

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Rachel Weintraub, Showrunner/Creative Consultant and Executive Producer, most recently for Inside The Black Box (Crackle).

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 08, 2022
Struggling with Happiness How to Edit Your Thoughts Get Emotionally Fit Nataly Kogan

Hear how you can struggle less and learn to edit your thoughts for happiness with Nataly Kogan, bestselling author of Happier Now and Awesome Human Project.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 01, 2022
Influencing Change Through Shared Experiences with Tracey Moore

Listen in as we chat with Tracey Moore, celebrity acting coach, casting director and now, creator, executive producer, and co-host of "Inside the Black Box."

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 22, 2022
Radical Candor Giving Feedback Rooting Out Bias Prejudice Bullying

Do you have a hard time giving feedback? Listen in as NY Times bestselling author, Kim Scott, shares the secret to giving meaningful feedback and having "Radical Candor."

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 15, 2022
The Tips You Need for a Good Divorce

Sarah Armstrong joins us as the guest on the podcast to discuss the idea of a 'good divorce' and what to think through when there are kids involved.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 08, 2022
The Importance of Body Positivity Diversity with Catie Li Model Content Creator

Have you ever struggled with body image? Catie Li is on a mission to help women learn to accept & embrace their bodies. She shares her own journey towards body positivity.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 01, 2022