Finding Your Seat at the Table Empowering Women in Business with Cate Luzio

Join Aliza as she speaks with CEO of Luminary, Cate Luzio, about her story and empowering women in business.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Dec 08, 2020
Dorinda Walker

Join Aliza as she sits down with the CEO of Cultural Solutions Group and author of "Protected by Purpose", Dorinda Walker.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Dec 01, 2020
Emily Lynn Paulson

Join Aliza as she speaks with professional recovery coach and founder of Sober Mom Squad, Emily Lynn Paulson.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 24, 2020
Hayley Luckadoo

Join Aliza as she speaks with speaker and coach, Hayley Luckadoo, about empowering women on embracing failure and going after their goals.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 17, 2020
Veronique Gabai

Join Aliza as she speaks with the former president of two of the largest luxury brands in the world, Veronique Gabai, about her childhood, passions, and beauty mission.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 10, 2020
Kim Pulczinski Lawton

Join Aliza as she speaks with Kim Pulzinski-Lawton, Co-Founder/CEO of Enthuse Marketing Group, about finding her path and passion for marketing.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 03, 2020
Brandi Riley

Join Aliza as she speaks with author, community builder, and influencer activist, Brandi Riley, about how she helps women realize their worth.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Oct 27, 2020
Mimi Banks

Join in on our conversation with Mimi Banks, the Founder & CEO of MB Social. We talk with Mimi about her career and what led her to where she is today.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Oct 20, 2020
Audrey McClelland

Audrey McClelland joins us to talk about overcoming life's challenges and finding time for family while being a busy businesswoman.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Oct 13, 2020
Tonya Beauchaine and Tracy Vazquez

In this episode, we talk to Tonya Beauchaine, a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach & Tracy Vazquez, a Stylist and Body Image Coach.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Oct 06, 2020