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  • Msdreat By  Msdreat    

    Great Product

    This is a good breast pump it really gets the job done I have twins so I?m always pumping!

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  • Phumzi By  Phumzi    

    Breast pump

    I love it!it made my life more easy.i recommend this to every mom out there.

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  • monteque By  monteque    

    the bottle to use.

    I love these bottles. I will not use any others. My grandbaby loves them too and will not drink from another one. She will just cry or chew on the nipple. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

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  • Joselyn_0513 By  Joselyn_0513    


    This manual pump is awesome! I get more milk out on this than my electric pump. Also, in a short period of time. Easy to assemble and clean.

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  • AGrayGirl By  AGrayGirl    

    My go to Pump, even over the electric one!

    I had to replace the hand pump I got for free and this was the one I decided to get. I use it all time, and prefer it over the electric pump as I get 4-6oz more when I use the hand pump. It's reasonably priced and easy to clean which was not the case with the old one I had. I spent a lot of time disinfecting tiny parts because they trapped water or milk and would look dirty even though they had just been washed. I have already told my pregnant friends to invest in an Avent Manual pump because it makes pumping easier.

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  • Sharnai95 By  Sharnai95    

    Love this

    I Loved This Breast Pump When I Was Breast Feeding 🤱. It?s a great product and I would recommend it to all the mom that breastfeed

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  • hcrisp0611 By  hcrisp0611    

    AVENT Manual Comfort Breast Pump

    I recently got this hand pump for when we were traveling, and it works like a dream. Super comfortable, and I think it pumps better than my electric one. Not to pricey, either!

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