Olay Total Effects Anti Aging Moisturizer

Olay Total Effects Anti Aging Moisturizer

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Nice product I really like how this feels on my face, it's not greasy or heavy. It smells pleasant, barely there. The sunscreen is definitely a bonus. I have used Olay for many years and I couldn't pick out what is better, but I can say that I am always assumed to be much younger than I am. Good sign in my eyes. Lol

An anti-aging essential moisturizer This is my favorite skin care product. It is fragrance free, has SPF 15. It is one of the few with sunscreen that does not make my face look shiny or white after application. LOVE it!

Not bad I like the way this moisturizer feels on my skin. It's not too thick but I don't need much to adequately moisturize my face- just a bit will do. Obviously the SPF included in the lotion is a huge plus- sun protection is probably the number one thing a person can do as far as anti-aging for skin. I can find this in my local drugstore, and for a decent price. That being said, it's nothing absolutely superb, but also not a waste of money.

Exact ingredients as 4 other Products I want you all to go look at the ingredients and you will find it has exactly the same ingredients as most lotions with sunscreens. I thought I was buying something unique and special until I started comparing ingredients of 4 other products. I think with this, you are buying the name brand. I do not want to mention the names of the others I compared to but next time you are in the isle where you find this, start doing your homework. Save your money, know your products. For God's sake read your ingredients people! This discovery made me knock about 5 products off my review list. I am still going to line them up and do a You tube video on this ingredient thing. I give this a 1 star.

Very Good Product It doesn't take much (just a small amount) to use on your face. Leaves your face very soft. I've been using this for quiet sometime and decided to try the Olay Regenerist and I think this line is going to be my all time go too. I purchased the face wash, the prepare, the eye treatment and the facial cream and I have never had anything that has left my face so soft, rejuvenate and the smell is so refreshing!

Great Product for dryer skin My family and I have been using this brand for decades. I like this product, however it felt that it was very Oily compared to the other products I have tried. You would only need to apply smaller than a pea size amount. It is a good product, but would not recommend this to someone with oily skin. I prefer the Olay Regenerist line.

I have been using this brand a little over a month now and I can not say enough good things about it. My skin is no longer dry, fine lines have started to be less noticeable, my pores are not as large as they were before. My skin is even smoother then before. I love this moisterizer and will continue to use it, not to mention it is only twenty bucks.