Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

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These are great!! These makeup wipes work really well! I don't normally wear a full face of makeup, but when I do only one wipe is needed! The wipes aren't too wet but also not dry. I also tend to break out easily when using other makeup wipes but these don't make me break out! great product!

Holy Grail Product Yea! Finally a makeup remover wipe that works the first time! Only one wipe is needed to remove all your makeup. Trust me. I promise. I have repurchased these more than 10 times so I really love them. They are the perfect amount of damp also. Not too wet and definitely not too dry. Even when I glam out and do the whole nine yards it only takes one wipe. I honestly think there isn't a better wipe for your money. No heavy fragrance or plastic smell either. An all around perfect wipe for everyday use. A definite staple. 100% recommended!

not my favorite I like these if you do a light makeup, definitely not for brow products and lash products. I like to use these just to wipe off foundation, concealer, powder, and lip products. leaves a feeling of still makeup on my face but gets the majority off before washing my face.

No scented makeup wipes! These remove makeup easily and quickly using just one wipe!

Neutrogena Wipes Review You should use a cleanser. When I get home late and don't feel like doing my nighttime skincare, I occasionally use wipes. Yet whenever I do, it requires numerous wipes and irritates my skin. Use a makeup-removing cleansing balm if you want to use a product before cleansing.

1.0/5.0 I did not enjoy this product. All of my friends use them to remove makeup but I did not like the feeling of them. They left my skin feeling oily and gross. This is not my go to product. I stick to more natural products.

Effective (Not for Sensitive Eyes) I love these wipes, they're really effective at taking off your makeup before your clensing routine. However, I have sensitive eyes and they do burn a bit if I'm using them to remove eye makeup.

Not for me I have very sensitive, reactive skin so these are too harsh for me.

Clean and clear feeling I've never had to worry about breaking out after using these wipes on my face or neck. A lot of times after using certain products they'll leave a film like feeling but not these !!! Thanks Neutrogena!

Quick and gentle clean Refreshing, especially on workout or hot summer days, and does its job at removing makeup. But, even if you don't wear makeup, it's nice to have when you're out and about and need a quick and cool clean, or when you're camping or on vacation/car trips. Be mindful about where you toss them out, though. I don't think they're biodegradable, and they definitely shouldn't be flushed. Throw them out in the trash like you should with regular wipes, and don't just toss them onto the ground outside when you're finished using them.

Best Make-up Remover This product leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated after removing make-up. One towelette is all you need.

Makeup Remover Wipes It's good for when you are really tired and just rushing around to get things done so you can go to bed.

Great for in a rush Great for when you are wanting to take off your makeup in a rush. It does leave a residue on my skin afterwards if I don't immediately wash it.

outdated I wish I could fully recommend this product - I used these for years and they're pretty effective but ultimately terrible for your skin (too much pulling) and bad for the environment too. I really recommend a cleansing balm instead but in a pinch these will do the trick!!

Clean and refreshing these leave your face so refreshed and removes all the makeup with one wipe