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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Trustworthy reset for your hair

    I used to use quite a lot of products on my hair, and this clarifying shampoo is ideal for stripping off any residues they leave behind. It is like a reset for your hair. It effectively cleans the hair without damaging it.

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  • MsClaire By  MsClaire    

    clarifying shampoo to the rescue

    when i first bought this i was working with some seriously gross hair, ya'll. like natural oil, dirt and just environment ick. my hair was gummy and sticky and even after washing it-it was AWFUL! So i bought this anti-residue shampoo because it wasnt too expensive and neutrogena is a somewhat familiar brand to me. you changed my hair completely in one wash. i was blown away! i didnt have to use very much product either, which was cool because i have very long hair (30"+ long) It was soft, i could brush it, i could run my fingers through it...i mean, WOW. i cant say if this would work for product build up, but as far as natural/environment build up goes. this shampoo is awesome.

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