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  • drgnfly By  drgnfly    

    My Favorite Brand!

    I absolutely love this product! It really makes my hair behave! I?ve tried other products and none of them compare. It just gives my hair manageability and loads of shine. A dab will do ya!!

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  • angeliquep12 By  angeliquep12    


    I absolutely love this for my hair and scalp. I have a very dry and sensitive scalp. It get irritated when it comes to cold weather especially. This stuff really helps me keep it healthy and hydrated. Don't know what I would do without this stuff!

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  • Kiki040899 By  Kiki040899    

    Hair product review

    This item can be considered costly but it is also a great product. Without a doubt your hair will be soft and smell fantastic!!

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    


    The price for the product is insane. Yes it can leave your hair soft but after you spend a fortune!

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  • jazzycamino06 By  jazzycamino06    

    Expensive but worth it

    i cant say that i love this product more than i already do im always trying to restock

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    

    Awesome, but better options out there for less.

    Firstly, let's talk about the smell of Moroccan Oil products. THE SMELL. It's absolutely intoxicating. That's a huge plus, in my opinion, expesially because the scent stays with you hair for days. Though the mask is very hydrating and smells great, I find two issues: one, you have to use quite a bit if you have long, thick hair like I do. I think I can get 5-6 uses out of one jar. Two, the price is outrageous. The last time I bought this in-salon, I spent $40. I believe there are similar Argan masque products out there that are better for a lot less.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Marvelous Mask

    I'm just getting into using hair masks, so I am happy with the results of how this product has worked! I straighten my hair a lot, so my hair can get really dry! After using this I could tell it was more hydrated and nourished! It helped to fix split ends and bring that shine back! I love the scent it has! I recommend this hair mask to anyone who wants to feel like they can have their own private spa!

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  • SheriABBL By  SheriABBL    

    This is another product that is great for my hair. I do wish that it either came in a bigger tub, or cost a little less. Does the trick.

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  • Sada86 By  Sada86    

    Excellent curly hair mask treatment

    I have naturally curly hair, which explains why my hair is naturally dry. This Moroccan oil hydrating mask works wonders as a deep conditioning routine. The product is a little pricey being that you only get a small amount per jar. However I only use this 1 time every two weeks as a deep conditioning treatment. I find it?s most helpful when you leave it on your hair after you cleanse your hair for a few hours and then rinse lightly depending on hair texture and density. Love this product, although if you have thicker hair like I do, you may need about 2 jars a month . Highly recommended for dry damaged hair as a moisture enhanced product to help replenish dry hair shafts.

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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    Too little product for the price. Not much of a difference before and after.

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    Love the product, hate the price.

    For a product I bought in Target, the price was way too high. Yes I did love the results, but I don't think it was worth the price tag as I've used other products for half the price that perform the same. I bought it on sale after I had damaged my hair bleaching it and it did the trick, but I would never buy it full price. It did feel very luxurious going on and my hair felt and smelled great after. If you want the spa like experience then it might be worth it, but buying pure cold pressed oils and making your own mask can get the same results.

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  • suzieQTPIE By  suzieQTPIE    

    Moroccanoil - a special treat

    Moroccan Oil is a product that i just tried for the first time .. about 6 weeks ago,,, i had noticed my hair felt much more brittle than normal. Probably from all my free time spent in the ocean and getting too mush sun, sand and swimming pool chlorine. I was VERY satisfied with my results and give the product a 5 stars but the price is around $50 ( so i give over-all a 4 star ) ... so using it on a regular basis is something i don't see my self doing ... but as a FIXER on over processed and neglected hair it is a MUST !

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