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  • chaitrasbhat By  chaitrasbhat    

    For the price these are good!

    Bought this is Matte beauty and Teddy Bare . These are really pretty nudes. Staying power is 3 hours. Will have to re-apply after eating. But I don't mind re-applying.

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  • Lilgliter By  Lilgliter    


    I have the shades in matte love which is like a burgundy red is such a nice color and I also have teddy bare in a nudish brown with like pink undertones overall it?s a lipstick very affordable

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  • Jenn2184 By  Jenn2184    

    Lasting color stay

    Goes on smooth and has a lasting color stay. Nice color variety. The scent strength is just enough. Overall great lipstick.

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  • riyamalhotra By  riyamalhotra    

    the fragrance of this lipstick is so good, and the overall quality and packaging of this product is also stunning. These lipstick are a great buy and worth it.

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  • darlingfirst By  darlingfirst    

    Swoon Nude

    I love lipstick...and whether it be High-End or better give me pigment! I happen to love the Milani line-up of lipsticks because 1) The scent is to die for! 2) One-Swipe Full Coverage Color 3) Hefty Color if you're light skinned, olive, or gorgeously ebony there's bound to be a color for you. 4) Comfortable Wear. My go-to's are Teddy Bare and Matte Naked.

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    So pretty and goes on creamy smooth. The scent is amazing and has just the right amount to them. Milani is a great affordable brand.

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  • QueenOfHearts22 By  QueenOfHearts22    

    Milani in shade "Uptown Muave"

    I like this brand in general. I also like the variety of shades of lipstick Milani has. my one problem with these lipsticks is they do wear off a bit. Reapplication is needed.

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  • mommyof6 By  mommyof6    

    Love the lipstick brand!!

    I have never tried this color but I have tried other! I love this brand of lipstick. You can purchase a gloss or matte. I personally tried the matte and I love them . No dry lips and long lasting!!!

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  • JulesNat By  JulesNat    

    Love Milani Lipsticks!

    I adore these lipsticks. I have three colors and love them all. They smell good and feel good and last forever. They kind of stain my lips too, so they are still colored after the lipstick layer is eaten or washed off. They are reasonably priced and high quality for a drugstore level brand.

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  • Beautybyimpulse By  Beautybyimpulse    

    I love these! They dont really stick to your lips tho. I have this lipstick in the light nude and I put anastasias liquid lips on and then I apply my milani and the lipstick stays for hours.

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  • OneNoGirl By  OneNoGirl    

    Not that I'm hoity-toity but sometimes drugstore lipsticks are scary questionable. Based on a YouTube Beauty Guru recommendation, I went to CVS to pick up a few of these (and they were on sale 40% off!) and was amazed with their quality. The Matte line has good staying power, the line's color palette is beautiful and they smell amazing (like vanilla) but not overwhelmingly so. They also have matching lip liner pencils that apply smoothly and are well rated on EWG's Skin Deep database. Overall - a great make up discovery. My only complaint is that these products are understocked.

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  • Lizeth94 By  Lizeth94    

    These lipsticks honestly are so creamy and easy to apply. They also have a nice scent to them.

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    LOVE these! I have a few and they are all so creamy and pigmented with a great scent as well!

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  • XiomaraC By  XiomaraC    

    I absolutely love the Milani Brand! I love this color and the nude color they have. It lasts a decent amount of time and it does have some shimmer in it. Definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to buy it!

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  • tmbwe1 By  tmbwe1    

    I have the color "High Voltage" and I am in love! It's the perfect red leaning orange and it looks amazing on me, if I do say so myself. The formula is comfortable on the lips and stays put (as in it won't get on your teeth). I have a few of these lipsticks besides High Voltage and they're all great. ONE thing I don't like about them is the scent. I can't describe it but it's STRONG! If you're sensitive to scents like me this might be a deal breaker. I've decided to put up with it because I love this particular color so much but it's something to keep in mind.

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