Hawaiian Tropic 15 Plus Sheer Touch Sunscreen

Hawaiian Tropic 15 Plus Sheer Touch Sunscreen

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Trusted Sunscreen I have been using this brand of sunscreen for years, and am likely to continue to use it. I love the tropical smell and the smoothness of the application. The only thing I will say is you definitely have to reapply throughout the day.

Not my cup of tea This is an ok product to me. I like the smell but not much the texture, it is still thick to me.

Silky Smooth Sunscreen I love this sunscreen. It rubs on smoothly, leaving no white residue. It is not sticky and actually feels more like moisturizer than sunscreen. I actually don't mind putting this on each day because it goes on so easily.

10/10 This was always the brand my mom got as kids and the brand I get now. It protects you from the sun while still letting you get that nice tan going. It smells great. Definitely a 10/10

I adore the smell of these products. They always work great at protecting you while still allowing you to tan!

Smells Wonderful This is great. Smells wonderful and goes on nicely. Not too thick and not too runny. As I have found some other brand to be just that. The bottle I got was a nice size and the family loves it.

I used it last summer and loved it will use it again this year.

best sunscreen I Love this sunscreen, we leave in Mauritius and use it a whole year long! Very smooth, not sticky at all, smells very good!

My favorite sunscreen! I love this sunscreen! It smells so good and feel silky soft on the skin. Definitely recommend this product if you're looking for mid level protection.

Awesome SunScreen!! This Sunscreen is Absolutely AMAZING!! First thing when using this product is you get this amazing Tropical smell, and it immediately triggers you into thinking or imagining yourself on the Hawaiian Islands. It is a lightweight lotion that feels like your not even wearing any! It doesn't give you that greasy or oily feeling at all. What I also like about this lotion is you just have to apply and you're done, you don't have to sit there and waste anytime trying to rub in all the white sunscreen that was left on your skin like most other sunscreens do. And my absolute favorite thing about the Hawaiian Tropics Sheer touch is that it leaves you with a sun kissed Glow and makes your skin Luminescent.

No sticky oily feeling! One of my favorite sunscreens for sure!

Great fragrance I can't vouch for the amount of sun protection, but a coworker of mine used this stuff. It smells AMAZING!!

Smells amazing Love Hawaiian tropics sunscreen. Even though it does not have the greatest SPF coverage, it smells amazing and leaves skin hydrated. You have to keep Appling the product throughout the day.

Great Quality and the Smell is Amazing! I have this lotion and use it now in Wisconsin. It's very soft and smells amazing. Smells like that old school tropical coconut and makes you want to make a fruity drink after you put it on. The strength of the UV filter is perfect. Even when I used it in Florida, I didn't get burned after - following the directions and reapplying in the pool. I love this!

Good summery sunscreen Smells great and works. This is a good sunscreen that I?d recommend to anyone. It has that token summery sunscreen scent. It is not greasy to apply or re apply which makes using it a breeze. I wpjld buy this again