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  • xxyyzz88 By  xxyyzz88    

    Great for all seasons!

    Delivers excellent results. A trusted brand. Very helpful for all areas that need healing

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  • JSletten By  JSletten    

    This is a great product for dry chapped hands. My hands feel so much softer since using!

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  • sophiebyjinee By  sophiebyjinee    

    Great for Ezcema

    My daughter has excessive dry skin and her hands need a lot fo care. This lotion travels with me in my bag as a rescue lotion and I am grateful for it. It doesn?t have a strong smell somewhat citrusy and its thick while not too thick to worry ab it transferring onto surfaces

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  • englishprof By  englishprof    

    A Real Deal!!

    This hand cream was such a wonderful surprise. Saw it at the store, had an app coupon, and it works super well, dries fast, and really moisturizes my very, very dry hands. In fact, I need to go use some now.

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  • crystallee2019 By  crystallee2019    

    nice smooth cream

    I use this and so does my mother, and it works wonders. Smooths the skin no drys or cracks and leave you feeling soft and not dry and itchy.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    

    Airways Have

    Works well with dry and sensitive hands. Working with kids I am constantly washing hands keeping this in pocket is perfect for daily multiple use.

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  • momchef223 By  momchef223    

    Scented but does the job

    I really liked how this hand cream worked on my dry cracked hands. I am a caretaker 24 for my daughter and with all the extra hand washing and hand sanitizer, they started to crack even more than normal and bleed. Gold bond worked really well. I would of given it a 5 star if it was free of perfumes. I can only use unscented products around my daughter so I can only use this a night. I would love it if Gold bond came out with an unscented version. I need the product to protect and heal my hands. No scent needed for that.

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  • saintdeb2 By  saintdeb2    

    Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream

    This is a great product for those winter months that causes our skin to drier. I love the scent and the soft, smooth, and silky feel it leave my hands. They feel so much younger. I would highly recommend it to other's.

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  • Jeanamarie By  Jeanamarie    

    Gold bone for dry skin

    Gold Bond is absolutely the best. I have dry skin around my nose and chin and nothing helps except Gold Bond. It clears it up keeps my face clear of dry and itchy skin.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    Winter must

    I use this nightly in the cold winter months! Leaves my hands moisturized and soft!

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Moisturizes great!

    This hand cream works wonders! I like to carry it in my purse for whenever needed.

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  • Porternurse39 By  Porternurse39    

    Every day ?must have?

    By far my every day go to for moisturizer. I?m a nurse who washes her hands all of the time (obviously), and I also have psoriasis. This can be a real problem if I?m not careful. I keep this at my desk, in my purse, in my car and everywhere I go to apply after washing hands. This has saved my skin no doubt!

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  • Mtiller By  Mtiller    

    Healing Hand Cream is a Hand Saver!

    I can not make it through the winter without this hand cream. I keep it on my desk, in my car, in the kitchen and bathroom. It moisturizes and also protects. It doesn't wash off so you don't have to constantly reapply. My hands crack in the winter. If I apply 2-3/day, they don't. It is light enough that it is great for the summer too.

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