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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    

    The Best

    These are the best! I love the scent and how they fit into the can. I have NEVER had one break when full!

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  • Andreaknowsbest By  Andreaknowsbest    

    My entire family loves these bags!

    My entire family loves these bags! I bought them to try them out and never told my husband, one day he asked me what was I putting on the garbage can, I said oh no those are the new trash bags!LOL, they smell great and my kids actually don't mind taking out the garbage anymore:).

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  • Poonam1421 By  Poonam1421    

    I loved that product .Its very stretchy and flexible.Love that product a lot.

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  • Jojobeshea8083 By  Jojobeshea8083    

    Yes gain Hefty Trash bags!!

    I Love again Heft Trash bags ,hold a lot and smell lovely!!

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  • batheba By  batheba    

    Love these bags! The scent is perfect and not too overpowering. You can usually get them on sale as well.

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  • FurBabies By  FurBabies    


    I absolutely love these trash bags, if one can love trashbags. They are strong, I never have them break on me. I love that they have a scent built into them which is fresh smelling and keeps my garbage from smelling up my home. The drawstring works very well, never ripping or tearing. These are the only trash bags I use.

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  • Mybrandnewlife By  Mybrandnewlife    

    Control garbage odor

    these trash bags keep our trash smelling better and they actually have stretch to them. well made

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    Best smelling trash bags!

    Love these trash bags! Nothing better than going to take the trash out and all you can smell is just fresh and clean laundry scent from Gain! Can't ever have enough of this!

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  • SoniaSua By  SoniaSua    

    Love them!

    I love anything Gain so upon even just opening the box I loved these bags. But not only do they smell good they are very strong and rarely tear.

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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    Helps control odor

    Light scent, smells good, controls odors, and bags are durable.

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  • CNelson By  CNelson    

    Great bags!

    I Love these trash bags! They smell great and fit my trash can nicely, but most of all thesyre strong.

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  • Gjprasad By  Gjprasad    

    Glad its Durable!

    I do like these bags. The fit great in my round garbage bin, easy to yank out when its full. Very stretchy and durable. and easy closure!

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  • Trf1496 By  Trf1496    

    Great bags!

    Love these trash bags. The only complaint I would have is that they fall into the can. The bags do help keep odors locked in.

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  • Allycat78 By  Allycat78    

    Falling bags

    I have used this trash bags and they always fall down in the trash can. The trash goes everywhere if you don't fix the bag. The only good product in the trash can department is the small bags for the bathroom. The only good thing about the trash bags are the scents to kill the smell.

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  • AngelsOpinion By  AngelsOpinion    

    Really Glad

    I used to think there a garbage bag was a garbage bag, but Glad has proven me wrong. These bags are incredibly durable, holding three smaller trash bags without breakage and of course they smell amazing! I'm glad I invested in what has become a staple in my kitchen.

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