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  • Jessme By  Jessme    

    My favorite

    I love Garnier Whole Blends Illuminating Conditioner. I always stock up on Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner when I have coupons usually its $3 off of 2 and with a sale I pay 2 for $3. I have 3 daughters with all different hair types so I have tried all types of shampoos. This conditioner is perfect for thick, wavy, curly long hair. It smells amazing and works so well.

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  • dawnamberxo By  dawnamberxo    

    I buy the shampoo & conditioner in bulk! The BEST!

    The Garnier Whole Blends Illuminating collection is my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner combination. I was extremely disheartened when my stores stopped carrying them, but thankfully I was able to find them online and buy 3 bottles of each at a time. My hair has never been as soft or shiny as it is now that this is what I use with it. I truly pray they never discontinue this line!!!

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  • MrsPace6911 By  MrsPace6911    

    One of the best hair products in stores!

    The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is beyond better than any other shampoo or conditioner I have ever smelled. As someone who regularly dyes their hair, this shampoo and conditioner has helped keep my hair healthy, shining and smooth.

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  • babybailey97 By  babybailey97    

    Good but could use work

    I loved this product but about after a month of use it was drying my hair out.

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  • RealViews By  RealViews    

    New favorite!

    Not only is the scent intoxicating, but also very effective hydrating conditioner. I'm able to wake up with very soft, shiny and manageable 2nd day hair, that still smells amazingly just washed! The creamy texture lathers long hair perfectly without being too heavy on the scalp. Won't get that weighed down effect. I highly recommend friends, family, and complete strangers to try this amazing stuff. At least take a whiff of the beautiful aroma it contains!!

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