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  • MmeIszler By  MmeIszler    

    Delightfully Clean

    This is really amazing stuff! It helps break down all the dirt, debris and makeup from the day to really offer a better overall clean.

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  • Trishhaa By  Trishhaa    

    This is amazing. Since I have a sensitive skin, I always find it difficult to try products. But with Garnier Micellar, it is gentle and removes my makeup. Great Buy!

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  • mcgarvey32 By  mcgarvey32    

    SMOOTH, not greasy make up remover

    This is my personal favorite product! It effortlessly removes make up. It smooth but not greasy and easy on sensitive skin.

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  • JeanSegina By  JeanSegina    

    Garnier micellar is wonderful!

    So easy to remove eye makeup at the end of the day. Does not aggravate our sensitive skin.

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  • SkincareJen19 By  SkincareJen19    

    Love this micellar

    I really like this micellar water it takes off makeup easily and leaves my face feeling clean. I would recommend this product to others.

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  • Mrsapaisley By  Mrsapaisley    

    Quick Cleansing

    Garnier Skinactive Micellar cleansing water All-in-1 Waterproof really is an all in one face wash. Removes makeup and oils from your skin without the need for a soapy watery mess in the sink. It?s a quick and easy process either as a part of your whole facial routine or when in a hurry to remove dirt and makeup. Grab a cotton ball and go!

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  • loves2travel By  loves2travel    


    Micellar Water is absolutely the best!! I have very sensitive skin , this micellar water the pink one removes makeup perfectly. I use water proof mascara and let me tell you , this is the only one I use to even remove my mascara with a breeze, my granddaughter loves it too for her special effects makeup , she said this is amazing. I went and bought 30 bottles just in case there were discontinued

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Garnier Garnier Micellar Water is great for getting makeup off. It is gentle and effective while also being hydrating.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    works great

    I got some samples to try and I love how well it leaves my face feeling clean and soft

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  • Helenmega By  Helenmega    

    Cheaper and have same quality

    I found a Sephora coupon at Paylesswithcoupon and try this for fist time. Thanks god! Best dupe of BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O. Cheaper and have same quality.

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  • Brittany83 By  Brittany83    

    Garnier Micellar Water

    Micellar Water is one of my favorite skincare items to ever hit the market! Its gentle on my skin and does get my makeup off! I've never broken out or had a bad reaction to this product! I also have dry skin and most products leave my skin very dry! This product doesn't! Ive been using this for several years and that wont change!

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  • SloAsh By  SloAsh    

    100 % recommend

    I use this more often than make up wipes that stings or drys up to fast. It is so refreshing to my skin. My face feel clean

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  • kathylee78 By  kathylee78    

    Nice product.

    As for typical applications for this product, it is a fantastic stand alone facial cleanser. I like the fact that it doesn?t feel oily or heavy like other waters do. A little really does go a long way, and is perfect for those nights when you?re so sleepy you can?t bother with a full routine. I?ve recommended this product to anyone that would listen! Garnier also makes a travel size bottle that I keep with me at all times.

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  • theresap_ By  theresap_    

    Micellar water rather than make up wipes

    I definitely recommend this for removing makeup. I would agree that micellar water is better than makeup wipes as it does not put as much pressure on the skin like makeup wipes. I prefer using micellar water than make up wipes and Garnier does the trick!

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  • Ladonna918 By  Ladonna918    

    Nice cleanser

    I was a little skeptical of this at first. It really does remove makeup easily, even long wearing and waterproof. It smells amazing and leaves skin clean and moisturized.

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