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  • meaggiej By  meaggiej    

    Some like it good. You know what I mean? Good wine. Like, you drink it and you like the taste in your mouth so you swish it around a little bit before you let the wonderful taste slide down your throat. You can describe what you?re drinking as being sweet, luxurious, floral, woodsy. Fish Eye Wine?. You just couldn?t meet the standards. I?m not sure what exactly was wrong with you, but a group of wine lovers couldn?t find it in their heart to learn to even like you. They picked faucet water over having to consume you. You had so many short comings. I should have known. $20 for a box equivalent of 4 bottles of wine? Sadly, even the poor wine Arbor Mist has you beat. Maybe I shouldn?t have gotten Chardonnay? But what option did I have? You were impossible to find. Pinot Grigio has always been a disappointment to me. I thought you?d meet standards. I wish we could do this over again with Moscato, but I don?t think you?re worth my time to find or money. So sorry, Fish Eye. I don?t think we?re going to work out. I brought this to a party where we were drinking wine and painting. I declared that I had gotten the wine for free as I sat it on the wine and cupcake table, quite proud of myself. I also declared anyone who liked it could take the leftovers home. I said this because I thought it was disgusting, but I didn?t tell my friends that. I wanted them to like this. My little sister and her boyfriend were the first brave souls. The words, ?Liquid fart? were muttered with an exasperated expression and mute agreement was given from the other person who looked like someone has just told him he drank sewer water. My best friend braved up and took a sip. She looked me dead in the eye and said, ?This tastes fishy. It?s disgusting.? She proceeded to pour some for her husband who unknowingly was waiting across the room. As he took a sip, the inappropriate words flew. He didn?t like it either. My boyfriend gave me dirty looks and refused to try it. I attempted to convince my other friend to try it. My sister insisted I had lost my mind and no one should make anyone else try it. My friend decided she didn?t want any. Another friend showed up late to the party. I made her the free offer speel. This time my sister insisted she try it. I think she just wanted a reaction. My late friend proceeded to gag and cough. When the party was wrapping up, I realized I was going to get stuck with this disgusting box of wine. I ponied up and asked my painting instructor to try it. She did. No reaction. Then, she looked at the box. She said, ?Whew. 13% percent. It?s alcoholic.? ?It?s yours!? I proclaimed. She thanked me and gave it a funny look.


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