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  • barbie20135 By  barbie20135    

    Great stocking stuffer

    This is the cutest gift and it make a great stocking suffer. The chapstick is super smooth and I love how easily I can apply it.

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  • jovana9 By  jovana9    

    Weird smell

    I really wanted this product to work for me because I heard good thing about it but unfortunatelly, I did not like it. I had a strawberry sented one, it was working well but not the best lip balm I tried. After some time the smell of it became really weird along with the taste of it, almost like it became rotten.

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  • melmcd0427 By  melmcd0427    


    would not recommend it dyed my lips out more did not do its job

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  • benz1171 By  benz1171    

    EOS Lip Balm Sphere

    I like these lip balms. My sister gifted me these from Costco. There were 6 in the pack.

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  • Tammy97229 By  Tammy97229    

    I really like the EOS Lip Balm Sphere!They do a good job moisturizing and are easy to use. I really like that the shape makes it super easy to use for my mother at 83.

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  • mcombs By  mcombs    

    Best Ever lip balm

    This is an amazing lip balm that everyone and their mama needs to try. At first I didn't like the flavor but it did grow on me. In my opinion the round would I still call it a round tube. Certainly not but I really think that the round "tube" is much better than the tube tube. I could very well be wrong. I wish that I could get someone to back my opinion up. And if not I will continue using the round tube

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  • Traytrayam By  Traytrayam    

    Enjoyed this girl themed/chic lipbalm!

    This lip balm is super nourishing and surprisingly did the job it promises in the commercial to soften lips. The quirky and flirty sphere style really puts a girly fashion to the lip balm which makes it super cute to carry around with you, but a little cramped and awkward in the pants pocket.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Lovely Design

    I love the way this product smells and works on my lip. I love the simple design and cost of the product. Overall, would buy again

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  • Zoiebabee By  Zoiebabee    

    Everyone said how wonderful these lip balms made their lips feel. So I tried them. The flavors were pretty good but they didn't do anything good for my lips. They felt the same as essential oils felt on my lips...very dry. I wondered if they have some kind of oils in them. I just threw them away. Maybe great for others but not for me.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    EOS Lip Balm Sphere is decent for moisture but I prefer other brands over this one. The sphere shape makes it even worse. Tubes are so much better.

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  • melindajoy By  melindajoy    

    I just find the overall design of these to be extremely awkward. I prefer chapstick type lip balms.

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  • EricaD By  EricaD    


    I don't get the hype around these things. First of all, they're bulky, and the shape makes it awkward to apply. But most importantly, it doesn't work well! I always need extra moisture in my lips, and these just don't do it at ALL. I much prefer Nivea, Aquaphor, or C.O. Bigelow Night Balm.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Lip Moisture at it's finest

    This is a great lip product that EOS has come out with and when I first heard about them, I was skeptical. I thought it'd be another brand with products that don't work or end up giving you a rash because of cheap quality. I finally tried it one day and loved it. It was very moisturizing and sensitive to my lips as certain brands of lip products make my lips burn. You don't need a lot and it's an easy application to put on. Very smooth and their scents are all really nice; you can tell it's real extracts. I also love the packaging although it's a little annoying to fit it into your jean pocket. My only other downfall was once you get low enough into the product you can't keep just using your lip to put it on-You have to dig your finger at it to get the product out. It does last a long time though.

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  • jagerwench By  jagerwench    

    Great For Moisture

    These are a little awkward to use but I do like the results.

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  • wittes02 By  wittes02    

    Moisture rich

    Moisture rich lip balm. Keeps lips moist for a long time. Love the flavors.

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