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  • Battlescynthia4 By  Battlescynthia4    

    Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda

    Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda The taste is horrible Not recommend it to friends

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  • darkgoddess718 By  darkgoddess718    

    This soda is delicious!

    All I drink is diet soda so I was very happy to see a new flavor & by Dr. Pepper. This soda has a nice smooth creamy taste. No aftertaste like some diet sodas leave. I am adding this to my shopping list

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  • Tiredmom5 By  Tiredmom5    

    My new Fave

    Diet Dr. Pepper cream soda is my new favorite soda . It has a crisp but creamy taste and is delicious.

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  • KarenBlasier By  KarenBlasier    

    I would like to try this product. I have not seen it in the local stores yet!

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  • nooneyouknow By  nooneyouknow    

    The Best Soda on the Market

    Diet Dr. Pepper's various flavors have been my favorites for a long time. The lack of aftertaste is amazing. But the new variety with Cream Soda is my favorite by FAR. It's the least sweet and cloying of all the mainstream brand sodas I've tried so it's much more refreshing. In addition, the Cream Soda gives the normal Diet Dr. Pepper a taste that is completely unique and very enjoyable. It only took one can to make this my absolute favorite soda.

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