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  • Rawan_aldhaferi By  Rawan_aldhaferi    

    My opinion

    One of the best loose powder ever please u must try it

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  • Rileym By  Rileym    

    This powder does its job to Mattify the skin however, it has a very heavy smell and creates flashback when taking flash pictures.

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  • cierramaeg By  cierramaeg    

    Use with caution

    Use this with caution. I only use this in small amounts and I do not use the translucent one because it makes me look pale. I use the neutral one and only use a small amount with a brush. Adds a little bit of coverage, which I like and doesn't look too cakey!!

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  • NickelPickle77 By  NickelPickle77    

    If you are under the age of 30 you may like this

    Well, I hate to be the one with a lower rating for this product. I read TONS of great reviews on this product and figured I must give it a try. It's fairly inexpensive and for the amount you receive, it's a steal! However, it smells awful - like an old lady's purse. Everyone who posted reviews mentioned "baking" their makeup with this product and I had to look into it myself and try it out. Please beware, if you are over the age of 30, you probably shouldn't bake your makeup or you'll end up looking even older. This product was just okay at best for setting my makeup, but it had no coverage and made me look more pale (not the look I am going for). While I think it's acceptable for a light sweep under the eyes to set my concealer, I don't find it anything I'll purchase again (and I probably won't need to since there is soooo much in the container). Maybe if you're under age 30 and you like to use it for baking you'll like it, but it's a no for me!

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  • NatalieMeraz By  NatalieMeraz    

    This powder is amazing! you can set all of your makeup and you can bake with it too. I prefer this over higher end powders!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I have used this since I can remember and my mother and grandmother have been using it for the longest. Amazing colors and worth it.

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  • kshelady By  kshelady    

    I use this product all the time and it's one of those products that you buy over and over cause it works!

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    This is the best powder and very affordable. I wish Coty still made other makeup.

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  • AnAimless1 By  AnAimless1    

    I adore this stuff. There's something really lovely about using a product that my mother and her mother used, too; the fragrance, which only lasts a couple or minutes, takes me back to playing dressup at my Gammy's house. It' works, too, and works amazingly well. It's milled finely, dusts over my face, and keeps me shine-free and polished all day long, and all for a freakishly fair price. Don't go changin'!

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    This is my on the go powder. I love this stuff. The product itself is worth the money. It covers very well as other high end powder. It last a long time. It is finely milled and it will not settle into your fine line. It has an old glamour perfume smell to it, but I really don?t mind. It doesn?t clog my pores or highlight them. It I am oily in my T zone and this help control the oiliness. I have used this product for seven month now it is only half way. I only give it four stars because it doesn?t come in a lot of colors. The colors are light so if you have dark skins this product will not work well.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    I like this stuff A LOT.. but the limited colors are a problem for me. WHen i truly didnt care about looking all white (when i was a less experienced teenager) I used and loved this stuff... it sets make great and lasts forever... but now I realise that the only sahde that KINDA matches me is either sorta light or sort of pinkish. if they had a few more shades I would use this ALL the time. the translucent is still sort of white when I try that too... ah, the hardships of being a native chick in a makeup mostly made for anglo girls world :-/

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  • shaktimom By  shaktimom    

    I know alot of people will be wondering why I would rave about a product that has been around since 1935 and that some people may remember from their childhood, but that's the reason. Coty's Airspun Powder has lasted this long because it really works! It fills in fine lines and has a very light coverage, similar to many more expensive mineral brands. You can use it in place of foundation, or to set it. The great thing is it is quite affordable. The limited color choices are the only drawback. While most of the colors work well for lighter skin tones, I found the darkest shade available in my area, Honey Beige, to work well with my skin tone (medium olive skin). I only gave it 4 stars since it does have a slight odor, which may turn off some consumers, but that quickly disappears after a few minutes. The packaging has changed from the old cardboard to plastic, but the shape and cover design are still the same nostalgic look (orange top with powder puffs floating all around it) which makes it easy to find. If you are searching for a great beauty secret which won't break the bank, definitely try this product.

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