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  • pbdkari By  pbdkari    

    Get you Breathing Again

    I love Breathe Right Extra Strength Nasal Strips. I really used to depend on these and I love that they are drug free. I then had Sinus Surgery to correct my deviated septum and I no longer needed these. Well after having that horrible & painful sinus cavities have since collapsed. So back to these little fellas because they actually work!

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  • DeeDeeQ By  DeeDeeQ    

    this really helped my husband!!! I can finally sleep!!!

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  • Aaliyahduclos21 By  Aaliyahduclos21    

    These actuall work for me and I love them alwYs gonna use them

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  • JessieF By  JessieF    

    They do help with feeling less congested when you lay down . Sometimes they don't stick that well down so I would have to use 2 at a time.

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  • PNichols By  PNichols    

    these don't work at all for me. the sticky feeling on my nose is just as annoying as being congested!

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    These help me at night when I'm congested. They don't act as a decongestant but do make it easier to breathe and sleep. The only thing I don't like is that the glue stays on your nose after you take them off and it gets hard to remove it

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  • misty102 By  misty102    

    these nasal strips are wonderful I have had to use these when I was stuffy and it worked very impressed!!!!!

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  • Mystibry By  Mystibry    

    I've tried these and they work well when they stay on. I have trouble keeping them on all night even after I wash my face.

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  • MaPaMod By  MaPaMod    

    THESE ARE AMAZING! These things had my husband and I enjoying our nights sleep last time we were sick. They really work!

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  • SarahDakota By  SarahDakota    

    Not the best, they can be pretty uncomfortable and to me it only seemed to really help the first ten or so minutes after applying the strip.

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  • AprilWilliamsHart By  AprilWilliamsHart    

    It kinda looks like a band aid when you take it out of the package. I took the paper off the back and stuck it to my nose. As soon as it was on my nose it felt like it was making my nose ?flair.? It felt kinda weird. I personally don?t get why you?d need these but my husband likes to buy these because he says it helps him breathe better. For me I just felt like it was making my nose flair and that was it but my husband swears by them! He does wear them sometimes. I wore it to bed. It?s kinda annoying to know you have something on your nose when your trying to go to sleep. I kept wanting to touch it to make sure it was sticking to my nose. When I woke up this morning the strip had came off one side of nose. If it was to help me breathe and one side was off that wouldn?t be good to help me breathe. After I took it completely off my nose, my nose felt like it had some residue on it. It also feels greasy. Overall I am neutral to this product. I don?t see how it could help me only be a nuisance. Got this as a Sample - Opinions are 100% my own. Read my blog post here -

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  • tammybaby By  tammybaby    

    I got these as a sample but I couldn't get them to stay on and I went by what the directions say to do. If you try to re-position them too much the adhesive really doesn't hold. Too bad because I was hoping they'd work for me.

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  • bigbaby1 By  bigbaby1    

    They work but they really do feel uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep good

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  • shymariee By  shymariee    

    i got a sample of these and i used them when i was sick and it really did seem to open my nasal passages up and help me sleep

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  • mandaleighu By  mandaleighu    

    I tried to use these and had trouble with the adhesive, which is unfortunate.

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