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  • drasticdesigner By  drasticdesigner    

    Boy this brings back memories. How can you not love the taste? And the feel on my lips is nice.

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  • Atabanana29 By  Atabanana29    

    Good beauty staple

    A good basic lip balm thae smells and tastes yummy!

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  • mommyof4monkeys By  mommyof4monkeys    

    Chap stick

    Its fun and outside of the box with the design. My kids loved this.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    If you love Dr. Pepper, you should buy this. It tastes just like it. I don't really like Dr. Pepper and find no use, except as a collector's item.

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  • HeidiLouise By  HeidiLouise    

    This takes me back to high school. Super fun way to keep your lips moist during this cold season and to add a bonus I'm now the cool aunt with super fun stuff in my purse.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    One of the better lip smackers. This really does taste like DP! Way to go LS!

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  • DisneyChick By  DisneyChick    

    NO NO NO. OMGoodness, did not like at all. Was waxy and tasted nastly.

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  • glitterxx By  glitterxx    

    love it its a classic

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  • LindseyMorgan By  LindseyMorgan    

    No, This stuff makes your lips peel more, Awful. GREATSMELL. Awful protection.

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Lip gloss is good . Smell is good. Nice red color. Great for stocking stuffers.

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  • akumm001 By  akumm001    

    I am so happy I decided to buy this gloss again as an adult! ! It is a lightweight gloss that has a tint of color (the perfect sheer cherry tint). I honestly think the tint would look great on anyone.

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  • pdaniels2002 By  pdaniels2002    

    I love this! Great flavor! I would recommend this to any Dr. Pepper lover!

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  • BeckySkullz By  BeckySkullz    

    I love the texture and the cherry like scent to it!

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  • Speakheather By  Speakheather    

    I've been using these for years. I love the product. My favorite is Dr. Pepper.

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  • Kellie2012 By  Kellie2012    

    This lip gloss adds much needed moisture to my lips and the smell is deliciously satisfying.

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