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  • Caligirl008 By  Caligirl008    

    This is okay, but my baby doesn't feel terribly secure in this. I think it needs to recline more.

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  • AshKot4 By  AshKot4    

    Great baby bath

    This baby bath has worked great for us. We were able to use it for a good amount of time and kept LO in place while taking a bath. I loved that it was easy clean up and not as bulky as a infant tub. We hung a command hook in the inside of our tub which allowed for easy storage and a space for it to dry out.

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  • HoosierPearl By  HoosierPearl    

    We had one of the baby tubs for our first child and I never cared for it. We received this as a gift for our second child and I now recommend this to every friend looking for a baby bath. Easy to use, easy to clean, and it can be used for multiple months!

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Cute, but not practical

    I really like this bathtub at first. And after using it for about two months, I was over it. My baby started getting larger and getting more head control. And I noticed that she was slipping and sliding all over the place. The way that it is filled, it is very slippery when it gets wet and I couldn't keep her still I did also not care for the fact I had to fill the entire bathtub to get the water on her.

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    I used this bathtub until my son was about 6 months, it worked great and he fit into it nicely!!

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  • JoBevara By  JoBevara    

    Must for initial days

    I loved this product as it was easily allowing water to fall in sink while giving bathe to my baby. So this is a must buy for initial days...

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  • Raneej2019 By  Raneej2019    

    Great product

    I think this bath is really durable. I bought one for my son and he was comfortable in it. And it didn't float up in the water I really liked this product. Very recommended

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  • ashgirl27 By  ashgirl27    

    Nice for small babies

    Nice and capable tub for infants and babies less than 6 months old. The sling is very nice, sturdy and slip proof. I was able to give my baby boy baths with almost no problems. The back has nice rubber webbing that allows the water to flow through naturally and it has a nice incline that allows you to wash and rinse their hair easily. My only complaint is that I wish we could have used it longer than a few months. When baby starts wanting to move around in the bathtub, however, this cute little sling will NOT work. My now 8 month old does not sit still and will wiggle/flip out of this thing if he is in it for more than 15 seconds.

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  • hcrisp0611 By  hcrisp0611    

    Best baby bath!

    I LOVE this bath support! I did a ton of research while looking for the perfect bathing equipment, and I'm so glad I found this bath support. No assembly, comfortable for baby, slip resistant, dries fast, can be set up on the counter for sponge baths or in the tub. My daughter loves to (safely) sit in the tub in this and kick and splash her feet.

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